See this month’s Needlepoint Now magazine for a free mini sampler chart

Have you come across the wonderful US magazine called ‘Needlepoint Now‘? It’s published bi-monthly, and always has many interesting articles and designs featured in it.

Needlepoint now issue 2015 Jan_500

The issue which has just come out (the Jan/Feb 2015 one) has a special article in it that I have written, with a free chart for a doll’s house scale sampler for you to make, called ‘Blue Vases’. It’s to be stitched on 32 count evenweave linen fabric, with one strand of thread such as DMC or Anchor cotton (floss). It measures 2 1/4 by 2 inches, when framed. It’s stitched using tent stitch, and would only take a few evenings to complete.

Sampler blue-vases-cropped 2 500

If you like the idea of making the sampler, but you don’t want to have to source your own materials, then there is a kit for this design in my online shop. The kit contains everything you need to make this sampler, including a varnished wooden frame. Readers of Needlepoint Now can order the kit from the website and get a discount off the usual price of £8.95 when they quote the special code which is printed in the magazine.

Sampler blue-vases-cropped 500

You don’t have to own a doll’s house to make one of these. You just need to enjoy  making cute little things! It would make a great gift for someone who loves to collect samplers.


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2 thoughts on “See this month’s Needlepoint Now magazine for a free mini sampler chart”

  1. lovely little sampler,there seems to very little for modern needlepoint here in the UK,as usual the USA seems to be the place to be,would love to know if there is anyone selling this magazine here in the UK? love your work and reading all about it

    1. I think the magazine is only available on subscription direct from the publishers, as it’s independently published. Maybe Fobbles might be able to get a copy (they are based in Cumbria, and import a lot of US stuff). There used to be several UK magazines on needlepoint, but these days everything has been dumbed down, and a lot of magazines are going out of business. Some US magazines are available digitally, though, so you might be able to get some that way, without having to pay huge shipping charges.

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