Special offer on cute dollhouse needlepoint teacozies!

I have recently been sent this amazing image by one of my customers called Joann, of these cute dollhouse needlepoint teacozies that she has made from my kits. Joann has been stitching these up and collecting gorgeous mini teapots to co-ordinate with them, to make the most fantastic display.

Dollhouse teacozies, Dollhouse accessories, Needlepoint kits

Here’s a close-up. All the needlepoint teacozies on this dresser are from my kits, except the Pavarotti one in the lower left hand corner, which Joann created herself, to match the Pavarotti teapot. Some of the teapots are by Valerie Anne Casson, and some by Janice Crawley (Joann thinks that Janice only exhibits at shows – I can’t find an online presence for her, other than on Pinterest).

The peach version of the ‘Willow pattern’ design (far right in the image above) is Joann’s own colourway choice for the ‘Willow pattern’ kit in the traditional blue and white, on the far left.

I just love the way Joann has matched up the teacozy designs with the various teapots – what a great display this makes!

Dollhouse teacosy, Dollhouse accessories, Needlepoint kits

If you’d like to have a go at making your own teacozy for your dollhouse, then have  a look at  my website to see the full range – they are simple to make, and great fun to do! They are to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze. Each teacozy has a different design on each side, for interest, so you can ring the changes whenever you want! There’s a page on my website that shows you what you get in a kit, and another page that’s a tutorial showing you how to assemble the dollhouse teacozy kit.

Doll's house tea cosies

There are ten designs altogether. This is one of the first that I created – it’s called ‘Spring Blooms’, and features tulips, daffodils, and primroses on a light yellow background. I also have a selection of teapots and tea sets for sale to go alongside the cozies (the teapots each fit under a teacozy), and there are matching tray cloth kits for each teacozy, too.

Spring flowers teacosy for dollhouse

This one is my absolute favourite, though – a ginger cat-shaped teacozy!!

dollhouse teacosy ginger cat

All the teacozy kits are usually £14.95, but if you use the code TEATIME at the checkout before midnight on Sunday 14th October 2018, you can save 10% on the usual price  🙂

So, why not have a go at making one of these – you never know, you might end up with a great collection like Joann’s!


needle minders, needle holder, pin keep, sampler, cross stitch, magnetic needle holder



New! Needle minders that make great gifts!

For years, I have been meaning to bring out a series of needle minders that make great gifts for stitchers. After all, when you love your hobby, you can never have too many embroidery tools and accessories, can you?! I love needle minders myself, and my collection is far larger than I actually need (i.e. I suppose I only need ONE!), but I thought it might be a cute idea to start offering some in my online shop that are designed using images of my own dollhouse needlepoint stitching.

Here’s the first selection of needle minder designs launched this week!

Cross stitch needle minders, pin keeper, needle magnet

There are six altogether, and the designs are all taken from dollhouse scale sampler kits that are also available on my website. Would you like to make a 1:12 scale dollhouse sampler featuring a similar design to the needle minder? The two items together would make a fantastic gift for someone special.

Cross stitch needle minders, pin keeper, needle magnet, cat sampler

WHAT IS A NEEDLE MINDER? A needle minder is a clever sewing accessory that you just can’t do without – it will keep track of your needle for you when you are in the middle of stitching and need to stop for a while. Have you ever put your needle down and forgotten where you put it? You never need lose your needle again when you have one of these – simply place it on the magnetic needle minder, and the strong rare earth (neodymium) magnet inside the minder will mean that your needle will ‘stick’ to the needle minder, keeping it safe.

Needle minder, pin keeper, magnetic needle holder, pin keep

HOW DOES A NEEDLE MINDER WORK? The needle minder comes in two parts – there is a top piece which has a rare earth magnet inside, and a second rare earth magnet on its own. Simply put the top piece on your fabric and place the second magnet underneath your fabric to hold the top piece in place.

Cross stitch needle minders, pin keeper, needle magnet, neodymium magnet

The magnets are very strong – they should even hold a small pair of embroidery scissors, or other small metal sewing equipment, such as a laying tool or stitch ripper.

Cross stitch needle minders, pin keeper, needle magnet

The needle minders come neatly packaged, mounted on card, and sealed in a polypropylene bag, so they are suitable for giving as a gift.

Needle minders, cross stitch gift, pin keeper, needle magnet

Each needle minder measures 38mm diameter (1 1/2 inches).

Needle minders, cross stitch gift, pin keeper, needle magnet

This needle minder is my favourite – it’s called ‘Home Sweet Home’, and features a little house, and traditional sampler motifs around the edges, as well as the phrase in tiny letters across the centre.

Cross stitch needle minders, pin keeper, needle magnet, Home sweet home

These little needle minders make such great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just to say that you’re thinking of someone special – any friend who loves their stitching will really appreciate this thoughtful gift. Or maybe you’d just like to treat yourself to a little stitching goodie?

Needle minder, pin keeper, cross stitch gift, seamstress gift

Once you start using needle minders with your stitching, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them – I used to lose my needles down the side of the sofa all the time till I started using these little things  🙂

Needle minders, cross stitch gift, pin keeper, needle magnet

Priced at £4.95 each, these needle minders are available now from my website and my Etsy shop.


A beautiful collection of dollhouse rugs!!!

This image of a beautiful collection of dollhouse miniature needlepoint rugs was recently sent to me by one of my customers, called Kim. She bought a rather large amount of kits from my website a while back, and has been busily stitching them up. This is actually just a small percentage of what she bought – as I said to her at the time, she’s going to be busy for quite a while!

Dollhouse rugs from Janet Granger

They are all stitched on 18 count canvas, with one strand of Appleton’s crewel wool. This makes them very flat, with an ‘aged’ appearance, as Appleton’s do many soft shades, so it’s easy for me to pick colours for the kits that won’t look bright and harsh when they are placed in a dollhouse.

All of these designs are from my current range of dollhouse rug kits, except for one – that’s the little white bearskin rug in the lower left hand corner. That was one of Kim’s own creations. She took the tigerskin rug design, and stitched it all in white. It’s very cute, isn’t it?!

If you’d like to have a go at stitching something for a dollhouse, then take a look at my website, where there are almost 300 kits for all kinds of miniature needlepoint for 1:12 scale dollhouses.


Are you interested in doll’s houses and stitching? Then why not visit my website, where you can buy doll’s house needlepoint kits to make all kinds of soft furnishings for one-twelfth scale dollhouses. There are over 280 kits to choose from, plus chart packs, fabric project packs, tutorials, and lots of eye candy to inspire you! Kits are available on 18 and 22 count canvas, 28 and 32 count evenweave, and 32 and 40 count silk gauze, so there’s something for everyone – from beginners to experts.

As a special offer for new customers on my website, use the code FIRST TIME 10 at the checkout to receive 10% off your first order!

Dollhouse needlepoint kits

Christmas in July sale of dollhouse needlepoint kits!

Keen stitchers love to stitch all year round, and if you can add to your stash at bargain prices, that’s even better! So here’s an insider tip – over on Etsy, there’s a ‘Christmas in July’ promotion going on, where a selection of my best-selling dollhouse needlepoint kits are 10% off until 10th July!

If you’d like to save money on dozens of my best-selling dollhouse needlepoint kits, then head over to my Etsy ‘DollhouseNeedlepoint’ website (this is the website where I feature just my best-sellers, and is not the same thing as my main janetgranger.co.uk website!), where all my kits there are 10% off until midnight on 10th July, as part of Etsy’s ‘Christmas in July’ promotion. You don’t need any special code or coupon – the discount is automatically deducted.

Christmas in July 2018

Save on dollhouse scale rug kits, Christmas stocking kits, footstool kits, teacosy kits, and more! Everything is suitable for 1:12 scale doll’s houses, and there are kits for anyone from beginner to expert.

The weather may not be very Christmassy for most of you at the moment (we’ve actually got HOT weather here in the UK, for once!), but planning your stitching for the winter months is always a good thing, and if you can save money into the bargain, what’s not to like?!

So, visit my DollhouseNeedlepoint Etsy website now and make the most of ‘Christmas in July’ savings 🙂