Gingerbread Church by Victoria Sampler 4: the steeple

I’m back on to working on the steeple of the Gingerbread Church now. I’ve been looking forward to this bit, as it’s so pretty!

This is the door side, showing the door worked in bars of satin stitch over four threads. Around the doorway are large crosses, worked in Kreinik fine gold braid over four threads. Above the door is a cross shaped charm.

Church 18

The doorway is finished off with the tiny pearl beads, as the sides of the main part of the church were.

Church 19

When I made the Gingerbread Stitching House (the first building in this series), I made the mistake of using Anchor shade number 1 for the main white cross stitching, as I didn’t buy the thread pack for that one. When I’d finished all the stitching, I realised that the colour of that thread was slightly different from the DMC Perle 8 and 12 used for the rest of the white stitching. It’s always annoyed me whenever I look at it! With this church, I checked first, and bought some Anchor stranded cotton shade number 2, which is a kind of soft white, and a much better match for the DMC Perle threads, so I’m much happier with this building than the Stitching House!

This is one of the steeple sides, showing the counted thread stitches on the top half – these were great fun to do, and made a change from all the cross stitching.

Church 20

Here’s a close-up of the window, with the beads and snowflake button added.

Church 21

When I’d stitched all four sides, I trimmed the fabric ready for when I mount them on the card. The third piece shown below will fit up against the main body of the building, so that’s why it has the blank part in the centre.

Church 24

If you’d like to get this design to stitch for yourself, it’s available as a chart booklet from Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler in Canada. I’m really enjoying making this  :-)

Competition finalist: a Christmas scene

This picture of a room setting was entered in my competition to see who has the most beautiful doll’s house, and reached the finals. It’s just gorgeous isn’t it? It’s created by one of my customers called Marlene, who lives in the USA. She has used a limited colour palette of burgundy and gold to make this evocative Christmas scene.


The picture above is actually just one end of a large room setting. There’s lots of wonderful miniatures in this room!


The competition rules required every picture to show at least four pieces of miniature needlepoint, stitched from my kits. So, in this room, from the left, are: A ‘Candle’ Christmas stocking hanging on the fireplace, a ‘Sarah’ carpet, a ‘Summer Roses’ teacosy on the tea table at the back, a ‘Summer Roses’ footstool on the floor at the front, and finally a ‘Summer Roses’ cushion on the sofa.


They all add the personal touch to this wonderful room.

If you’d like to see more inspirational miniature rooms, have a look at the Customers’ Stitching page of my website.




Competition finalist: a ‘pretty in pink’ boudoir!

When I ran a competition during this past summer to see who had the most beautiful doll’s house room, Cinzia, who lives in Italy, sent me this picture of a really pretty boudoir. I was so impressed, that Cinzia eventually became a runner-up in the competition, which asked for images containing at least four pieces of miniature needlepoint, stitched from my designs.

My doll’s house needlepoint customers never cease to amaze me. Cinzia has created this fantastic room herself, and made all of the needlepoint items from miniature needlepoint kits of mine.

I felt that the pictures of her pink bedroom room that she sent me were really lovely – such beautiful colours. I love the way she incorporated the miniature needlepoint into the room. The lighting is good, as is the arrangement of the furniture, and the limited colour palette, which helps pull it all together, as well. And the little dog is so cute……

Cinzia 160518 1

Here’s a close-up of the little girl doll, lying on a ‘Lilian (pink)‘ Aubusson style carpet, along with a round ‘Lilian’ footstool, and surrounded by little cushions that are only 1 1/4 inches square, in real life (available as kits here). I adore the cat lying next to her, doing what cats do!

Cinzia 160518 2

I don’t know what breed of dog this is (Shih tzu?), but he’s very cute! I’m sure he isn’t supposed to be under the bed, anyway.

Cinzia 160518 3

There are dozens more inspirational pictures like these on my website in the Customers’ Stitching section. Wonderful inspiration for those of you looking for ideas for your next mini-project, but also a good way to while away a few minutes when you fancy some mini-sized eye-candy.






Competition winner! This is the most beautiful doll’s house room!

This is the winning picture in my competition to find who has the most beautiful doll’s house! The room has been created by Debs W., who lives in Gosforth, in the North-East of England. It’s a fantastic room, full of wonderful miniature needlepoint, stitched to a very high standard.


From the left hand side at the back, you can see some ‘Summer Roses’ cushions and an ‘Elizabeth’ one on the sofa, an ‘Elizabeth’ footstool, an ‘Alice green’ firescreen, a ‘Barbara (small, green)’ carpet, a ‘Spring flowers’ pole screen, and then another ‘Summer Roses’ cushion on the armchair. On the walls are two samplers – the ‘Peacock’ one at the rear, and the ‘Cat’ one towards the front. In the foreground from the left there is an ‘Isobel’ carpet, a ‘Summer Roses’ tray cloth on the tray on the table, a ‘Shell pink’ handbag and a round ‘Elizabeth’ cushion (originally square!) on the foreground armchair, and  a ‘Judith’ dining chair on the far right. Finally, right at the front is a ‘Strawberry Thief’ rectangular stool. Sixteen pieces in all!

When Debs sent in this picture, she said, ‘I have so enjoyed all the kits I have had from you. As I get older I think I am becoming even more of a doll’s house obsessive!’

When I emailed her to say she’d won, she said, ‘I am thrilled to have won your competition. I certainly didn’t expect to and it’s very exciting. I came to dolls houses rather late in life, in my late 50s and I’m now in my 70s and have 2 houses that I built myself. I love this hobby and have spent many happy hours stitching your kits to go in them. The designs are lovely and they are very adaptable. I am not good at design and I appreciate it being done for me and also the good instructions. I am looking forward to doing more, especially carpets, and I shall probably be able to make some presents for my two granddaughters, who also have houses. Christmas has come early for me! Thank you so much.’

Debs has certainly spent many, many hours on this room. Just look at it! I love the way she has adapted some of the kits to make them unique – such as making the ‘Elizabeth’ cushion into a round one, from a square one. And she has added a little braided edging (which she also made herself)  to the ‘Judith’ dining chair, too.


When I was trying to decide who would be the competition winner, it was a really difficult choice, as there were so many good pictures to choose from. But I felt that the picture of Debs’ living room that she sent in to me was the best of all those I received. I loved the way she incorporated all the miniature needlepoint into the room to make it look so realistic. This is helped by the soft lighting, and the arrangement of the furniture.

I also liked the way that Debs used items from all across the range of kits – not necessarily using a selection from just one co-ordinating group of kits.

Debs’ prize is £200 in vouchers to spend on kits or charts from my website – so that should keep her busy for quite a while to come!

I also awarded runner-up prizes to two other people, and I’ll be featuring their pictures in the next couple of blog posts, so keep an eye out for those….