Victorian Pincushion on spindle stand: 6 – stitching the ‘strawberry’

This week  I’ve stitched the embroidery for the little ‘strawberry’ that will hang from the Victorian Pincushion spindle stand with the  needlebook. Here’s the front of the chart booklet, to show you what I mean:

Victorian Pincushion embroidery

It’s the tiny thing hanging down on the left! It’s supposed to contain emery powder, to help clean needles, but I have tried making one of these before with emery powder in, and it is very messy black stuff that gets everywhere. So, as this is really just a decorative ‘small’, I’m going to make mine just stuffed with wadding instead, I think.

The embroidery design is a motif taken from the top circular design, and it doesn’t take long to stitch two repetitions:

Strawberry emery design

I just need to stitch it into a cone shape and stuff it now, and this project will be finished.


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