About me

Janet GrangerIf you’d like to contact me, Janet Granger, you can email me on janet@janetgranger.co.uk

I am interested in embroidery of all kinds, especially miniature needlepoint, which is what I design for a living. Anything for doll’s houses that can be made out of fine count canvas and silk gauze is what I specialise in – I’ve been running the business since 1996, and now have over 280 kits in my range. When I am not working, I love doing Dances of Universal Peace (a form of spiritual circle dancing). Other interests include the Sufi spiritual path, gardening, reading and alternative health.

My website www.janetgranger.co.uk is where all the designs for miniature needlepoint kits for doll’s houses can be found, and bought, if the fancy takes you. But on my blog you’ll hopefully be able to find out more about what motivates me to design, along with images of stitching in progress (both miniature and ‘full-size’). I find that talking about whatever I’m working on at the moment for myself (rather than new designs for the business) helps keep me motivated, and I love getting comments about what I’m stitching.

I also blog about my doll’s houses from time to time. I have a Georgian style town house, and an Edwardian style shop, which I am making as a toy shop, so that I can indulge my obsession for collecting tiny little porcelain dolls that are only about 1 3/4 inches high!

I have been married to Chris since 1993. He helps me with all the technical stuff that needs doing on my miniature needlepoint kit website (fortunately!!).

In our ‘previous existences’, he worked as a teacher, and I worked in a library. Until 1999, we lived in Essex, but we then moved to the Peak District, and now live in a peaceful village surrounded by fields (and sheep).