Tiny dollhouse cushions – even tinier than usual!

One of my customers, called Rikke, recently sent me a lovely photo of the dollhouse cushions that she made in half scale (1/24th scale), and one in 1/12 scale for comparison. The larger cushion was made straight from the kit that she bought from my website.

Flower ring pink dollhouse cushion
She embroidered the larger cushion for her daughter’s dolls house, and the smaller ones for her own 1/24 scale house. Her daughter is six years old, and chose the ‘Flower ring pink’ cushion kit herself 🙂
The 1/12 scale cushion is stitched in needlepoint using the 22 count canvas supplied in the kit. The half scale cushions are stitched on 48 count silk gauze with one strand of the Anchor stranded thread leftover from the twelfth scale kit. Rikke added a few extra rows of stitching to make the sizes work as she wanted them to.
From the top left, the designs are Kate pink, Flower ring pink in 1/12 scale, Judith, Prudence cream, and Flower ring pink again but in 1/24th scale.
Aren’t they sweet when they’re so tiny?! Have a look at the cushions page on my website to see all the designs that are available – they are really quick and fun to make  🙂


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Finished embroidery: a happy stitcher and her doll’s house!

Very rarely do I get to hear how my customers feel about the kits they have bought from me, which is a pity. I love hearing how the kits have come out! Even better, I love to be sent photos of the completed kits.

Recently, one of my customers, called Nina, emailed me with an image of the doll’s house cushion that she’d just stitched, showing the cushion in situ in her doll’s house. She also has a very good blog which is well worth a visit, where you can follow the progress of the doll’s houses that she and some friends (in Canada) are  furnishing. Nina says in her email:

“Dear Ms Granger:

I just wanted to thank you for designing and selling such lovely embroidery kits!
I’ve just finished the first project I’ve ordered from you, the “Sophie” cushion, and am thrilled with the way it turned out.  Your kits are beautifully-packaged (they would make great gifts for any miniaturist), well organized, totally complete and the instructions would be very clear, even for a novice stitcher.
I look forward to purchasing and completing many more kits in the future 🙂
Here’s a photo of the cushion on a Queen Anne settee designed for me by artisan Kris Compas”

This miniature needlepoint cushion is stitched in tent stitch on 22 count canvas with Anchor threads

Nina’s full kit review about the cushion kit  can be found on her blog. The Sophie cushion kit can be bought from my website here.


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Finished embroidery: A sneak preview of new miniature needlepoint cushion kits for doll’s houses

I’ve been quiet for a bit, working on some new designs. The last post I did was to show off the new miniature footstool designs in one twelfth scale, for doll’s houses. Today, I’ve been stitching up some of the cushions that co-ordinate with the footstools. Here are the first three that are finished:

Three tiny cushions for adult collectors’ doll’s houses – each one measures an inch and a quarter across

There will be eight designs altogether – each stitched in tent stitch with two strands of Anchor stranded cotton on 22 count mono canvas. Give me a week or so, and the kits will be added to the online shop on my website.


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