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A Victorian style doll’s house room, showing miniature needlepoint items from my range. The carpet measures 6 inches across.

Have you ever thought of stitching gorgeous miniature soft furnishings for a doll’s house? My website, Janet Granger Designs , has been up and running since 1997, and features over 280 kits and charts in one twelfth scale (one inch to one foot). All the kits are designed to be stitched in needlepoint (tent and basketweave stitch – both are very similar to a half cross stitch). If you can cross stitch, you can needlepoint! Even complete stitching beginners can do these kits. They are much simpler to do than they might appear – and that is the secret of them!

The dollhouse needlepoint kits are available containing fabrics from 18 count canvas (the easiest to use – the carpet kits are stitched on 18 count), right down to 40 count silk gauze (the finest that I use – the needlework stands and Christmas stockings are stitched on 40 count).

Kits are available for the following miniature needlepoint items:

Carpets  ~~~ Staircarpets ~~~ Cushions ~~~ Bellpulls ~~~ Samplers

Wallhangings ~~~ Dining chairs ~~~ Needlework stands

Rectangular footstools ~~~ Firescreens ~~~ Christmas stockings

 Teacosies ~~~ Clutch  bags ~~~ Tray cloths ~~~ Handbags ~~~ Pole screens

Round footstools ~~~ Christmas tree mats ~~~ Bolster cushions

Table runners ~~~ Placemats

I also sell a range of Magnetic Needle Minders, based on images of my stitching.

Many of the needlepoint designs are available as co-ordinating sets. There is a page in the shop that shows these sets grouped together in themes, with links back to the relevant shop pages, so that you can plan what you would like to stitch. For instance, here are all the designs in the  ‘Barbara (green)’ range:


All the kits are for one twelfth scale (one inch to one foot), and any components necessary to complete each kit are included in the packet – such as wooden pieces to make the dining chairs, and metal bellpull ends to finish off the bellpulls beautifully. Click here to see details of what each kind of kit contains.

An example of what a kit contains – this is for a doll’s house scale teacosy kit, to be worked on 32 count silk gauze

The kits are to be stitched using needlepoint stitches  – tent stitch and basketweave stitch (like half cross stitch) – so, if you can do cross stitch already, then these will be easy for you. There is a page explaining how to do these stitches here.

Detailed instructions are included in the kits, too, or you can check out the tutorials page on the website first, to see how easy it is to make one of these unusual items.

An example of one of the tutorials – there are many to choose from

Customers often send in photos of kits they have completed, so for inspiration of the ‘mini kind’, have a look at the Customers’ Gallery. Here is a taster of pictures of some of the finished kits that customers have sent in:

Natalia's office 1

The miniature version of a William Morris Hammersmith carpet features in this room
The miniature version of a William Morris Hammersmith carpet features in this room

Margaret B Pic 2 2010 Oct

In addition to all the kits (as well as chart packs for carpet and wallhanging kits), I also sell  ‘project sized’ pieces of tapestry canvas in 22 and 18 count, plus silk gauze pieces in 32 count to 60 count.  All these items can be found on the  Sundries, Canvas and Gauze page of the website.

The website has secure payment facilities, and you can pay using  Paypal (you do not have to have a Paypal account to use this facility).  If you are not happy to order online, then a catalogue is available to download free from the website, so that you can order by post  instead.

If you love mini-stitching, then make sure you visit my site! Everything shown is in stock, ordering is safe and secure, and delivery is fast.

Visit the Janet Granger Designs website now!

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