See this month’s Doll’s House Magazine for an article about my mini needlepoint business (and much more stuff, too!)

In this month’s Doll’s House Magazine (August 2015, issue 207), I have a feature in the ‘Maker Profile’ section. If you’d like to know how I design the miniature needlepoint kits for doll’s houses that I sell on my website, what inspires me, and what I would really love to have in my own doll’s house, then get yourself a copy  🙂


The magazine is published in the UK by the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and has been going for years – it’s one of my favourite miniatures magazines.




This month’s issue also features a lovely miniature garden centre in-depth article, a ‘how-to’ on making a bird of paradise plant, crochet designs for scatter cushions, a kit review of a wisteria flower kit, and lots more!


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New doll’s house firescreens…and new scissors

This month, I have my new doll’s house firescreen kits being featured in New Stitches magazine (Issue 243, on sale from today), on the ‘Stitcher’s Notebook’ pages. They mention all the relevant info, and a nice BIG picture of the firescreens themselves. These are stitched on 32 count silk gauze, and are 2 1/2 inches high when finished. You can buy them from my website.

New Stitches editorial firescreens cover June 13

New Stitches editorial staff are very good when they are going to feature my work – they always send me a copy of the page first, so that I can check that all the information is correct (I wish all the other magazines would do this!!).  So, although the magazine is only on sale from today, I saw this a couple of weeks back.

New Stitches editorial firescreens June 13

And when I did, I was also interested in the other items that are featured on the same page as my firescreens – the three pairs of embroidery scissors. Aren’t they lovely? Each pair is 4 1/2 inches long, and they cost ÂŁ11.50 each. So, they’re not quite what I would call  ‘budget’ scissors, but not too pricey, either. And the designs are lovely. I really like the ones in the centre.

I love making etui sets, which usually contain a pair of scissors, so I don’t just own one pair. But I like to buy different designs each time, and these beautiful new designs will definitely go on my wish list.

I tried emailing the company, Hemline, to try to find out where I could buy these from – the email address is printed in the article. I emailed them twice, a week apart. No reply. Hmm, not very encouraging. I checked to make sure I had the email address correct, and I did. So, try emailing them yourself and see if they reply to you! The email address is .


(EDIT 27 June 2013: These should be available from Sewandso in a few days, hopefully!)



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Have a look at this fun article….

Recently, I was contacted by the assistant editor of The Doll’s House Magzine, Karen Bamford. She wanted to feature me on the new website that the Guild of Master Craftsmen is launching – it’s called the Crafts Institute, and covers all kinds of crafts – not just miniatures. You can read about what I replied to her ’10 Minutes with….’ questions here.

The Home page of the Crafts Institute website


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On the cover of Dolls House World magazine this month…

….is me.

Well, not exactly me, but a room setting featuring a collection of miniature needlepoint kits from my range  (called ‘Alice’, in the blue colourway). They are on the cover to highlight the fact that the Maker Profile in this month’s issue is about me. So, if you want to find out what makes me tick, how I design, and how I got into doing such a strange thing for a living, then get a copy of Dolls House World this month – on sale from today, 27th September.

The September 2012 issue of Dolls house World magazine

PS: When I got the image of the cover emailed to me, I was very excited, and showed the image to my husband. His response? ‘Is that a big deal, then?’ YESSSSS!!!


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