Just look at this miniature enchanted castle!

You’ve just got to watch this, it’s stunning!

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, home to the wonderful Colleen Moore doll’s house castle (built in the 1930s), has just received $200,000 to spend on the renovation of this amazing example of a very special doll’s house. It stands nine feet square, and 14 feet high – pretty large, by normal doll’s house standards! Have a look at this video for more information about it:

There are so many wonderful miniatures in this doll’s house – it’s very inspirational!




A great video of miniaturists explaining what they do….and why!

I’ve recently come across this wonderful half hour video of miniaturists and collectors explaining all about the hobby of doll’s houses – both the passion of collecting, and of making. The video also features Caroline Hamilton – the woman who for many years organised the London Dollshouse Festival, and who is herself an avid collector of all things mini.

So, make yourself a cup of tea, and watch this…….

I think it’s great!