Finished embroidery: tiny needlepoint in a gorgeous Regency doll’s house

Today, one of my customers, called Margaret, sent me these images of her beautiful doll’s house. She has made up several of my miniature needlepoint kits, and sent the photos to show me how great they look in situ in her house.

This first picture shows the design ‘Summer Roses’ featured on a teacosy, footstool, and tea tray cloth.

This second picture shows a ‘Sophie’ footstool, and a ‘Tabriz’ bellpull. The bellpull is a new design – only out a few weeks – so Margaret must obviously be a keen stitcher, to have finished it already!

This picture shows a bolster cushion, bellpull and footstool all using items from the ‘Judith’ range. I think I like this picture the best, as it’s such an elegant room.

All the stitching kits are in stock, and are available from my website.


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Our new doll’s house embroidery catalogue is now available as a FREE download!!

Our new catalogue, available as a free download from

We’ve been working lately on getting a new edition of our catalogue of doll’s house needlepoint kits ready – the previous one was suffering a bit from ‘supplement-itis’!

It’s been expanded to 24 A5 pages, and features all 170+ kits and charts in our range, plus accessories such as tiny teapots to fit under the teacosies, and project-sized pieces of small count canvas (18 and 22 count) and silk gauze (from 32 right up to eye-watering 112 count). There’s information on how to do the needlepoint stitches, as well as full details about what each type of kit contains.

An example of the catalogue pages, showing miniature cushion and carpet kits

So, it’s now ready and available to download for free from here. If you prefer us to print one and post it to you, that’s still possible – you can order one online for £1.25 plus shipping (post free if your order total comes to more than £10). But if you’re like me, once you see something you want (especially catalogues), you want it NOW.


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Finished embroidery: more tiny Christmas stockings

I’ve just put three new designs for Christmas stockings for doll’s houses on my website. Each one is only 1.4 inches high when finished:

The latest doll’s house Christmas stocking kits available from

Each stocking is designed to be stitched on 40 count silk gauze, and is far simpler to stitch than it  might look! Everything you need is included in the kit – silk gauze, Rayon silk thread, backing fabric, needle, detailed instructions and a colour block chart to count the design from.

Choose from a Victorian girl carrying presents, a jolly Santa, or a snowy village scene. This last design co-ordinates with one of our recently-launched Christmas tree mats on 32 count silk gauze, too.

The ‘Snowy Village’ Christmas tree mat, stitched on 32 count silk gauze with one strand of Anchor thread

There are already eight stocking designs available as kits – one of these is called ‘Candle’. This photo shows the design stitched by a customer called Lucy, and displayed proudly in the nursery of her doll’s house:

A finished Christmas stocking design, called ‘Candle’.

See all these designs in our Online Shop.

There are free online tutorials, too, to show you exactly how to make both the Christmas stockings, and the Christmas tree mats.


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