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Autumn Quakers 3: update on stitching progress, and problem with threads

I’ve been working some more on this lovely sampler from Rosewood Manor, called ‘Autumn Quakers’. It’s huge, but is quite simple to do. This is the update on my stitching progress….

Autumn 9

I love the shades of thread that the chart uses. I bought them as an accessory pack specially put together for this design. They are Valdani variegated threads, and the colours are just gorgeous. They come packaged in a cute little cardboard box.

Unfortunately, though, one of the balls has only 2 strands instead of 3, so I’m having to do some bits with 2 strands, and some with 3 where it would look sparse otherwise, by putting together previously separated strands (trying to match the variegations where possible!). I’ve had to cut out quite a bit of the thread where it was mangled by the machine making it into little balls, so I hope I don’t run out of that shade. It’s not really worth complaining to the shop that I bought it from, as it’s not their fault, and I bought it from America, so any shipping to exchange it would be extortionate. I can probably manage with what I’ve got.

Autumn 8

This is the box of threads – I am using one needle per colour, which is why the box has all those needles inserted into the threads! Aren’t they gorgeous colours?!


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Dollhouse needlepoint kits




Autumn Quakers 2: a slight problem….

I’ve been working away on this lovely sampler lately, which I started in April 2015. It’s called ‘Autumn Quakers’, and is a cross stitch sampler chart pack, by Rosewood Manor:

Autumn Quakers 4

It uses 12 shades of Valdani variegated thread in gorgeous Autumn shades. I bought this accessory pack direct from Rosewood Manor, which contains all the shades needed just for this project. The box measures about four inches square. Isn’t it cute?! I use one needle per colour, which is why each ball has a tapestry needle sticking out of it!

Autumn 8

I have just got to the point where I needed to add the date to the sampler. I had to amend the date from what was charted (2014) to 2015 (as I date my stitching from the year I start it, not the date I finish things – just to be awkward!). The chart shows the numbers like this:

Autumn 5

There is a set of numbers listed in the chart booklet at the side of the chart, to allow for alterations. However, I realised that the additional numbers are two squares taller than the ones on the chart!

Autumn 6

So, I have had to create my own ‘number five’ in the smaller font, and re-position some of the surrounding cross stitch motifs to make adequate space for the date.

Autumn 7

Other than that little glitch, I’m really pleased with how this is turning out  🙂



Autumn Quakers by Rosewood Manor : 1

When I’m travelling, I often take some stitching with me. But that brings its own problems. It usually means that I have to take small projects, so that I won’t need my floor frame. Recently, this cross stitch sampler by Rosewood Manor has caught my eye. Although it’s larger than my usual kind of ‘portable project’, it’s working out OK to do on the move, as each motif is a small one, so it’s easy to pick it up and put it down when time allows.


It’s quite large when finished, but isn’t it beautiful? Above is the image from the front of the chart booklet. Below is the colour key, with bits of each thread stuck alongside, to make it easier for me to find each shade of thread.

Autumn 2

I bought the chart booklet from Arts and Designs of Dumfries, Scotland. I found it impossible to buy the Valdani threads which are recommended to stitch it in the UK, though. They are lovely three-strand overdyed threads, which are claimed to be colourfast (haven’t tested that yet – I’m just hoping!). The selection of 12 colours needed for this project are available in one cute little box. I got them from Stitch and Frog in  the USA, in the end.

[EDIT, January 2017: Valdani thread is now available in the UK from Sew and So, as individual spools.]Autumn 3

I’ve only managed a small corner so far, but I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.

See this month’s Needlepoint Now magazine for a free mini sampler chart

Have you come across the wonderful US magazine called ‘Needlepoint Now‘? It’s published bi-monthly, and always has many interesting articles and designs featured in it.

Needlepoint now issue 2015 Jan_500

The issue which has just come out (the Jan/Feb 2015 one) has a special article in it that I have written, with a free chart for a doll’s house scale sampler for you to make, called ‘Blue Vases’. It’s to be stitched on 32 count evenweave linen fabric, with one strand of thread such as DMC or Anchor cotton (floss). It measures 2 1/4 by 2 inches, when framed. It’s stitched using tent stitch, and would only take a few evenings to complete.

Sampler blue-vases-cropped 2 500

If you like the idea of making the sampler, but you don’t want to have to source your own materials, then there is a kit for this design in my online shop. The kit contains everything you need to make this sampler, including a varnished wooden frame. Readers of Needlepoint Now can order the kit from the website and get a discount off the usual price of £8.95 when they quote the special code which is printed in the magazine.

Sampler blue-vases-cropped 500

You don’t have to own a doll’s house to make one of these. You just need to enjoy  making cute little things! It would make a great gift for someone who loves to collect samplers.