Autumn Quakers 4: I’ve finished page 4……. but I’ve got another problem

I’ve been stitching some more of ‘Autumn Quakers’ by Rosewood Manor – it’s coming along nicely!

I’ve just finished page 4 of the nine page chart booklet (the lower left hand part):


It’s lovely to do. What I like about it is that, however short a period of time I have to stitch on it, I always feel as if I’m ‘getting somewhere’ with it, because each little motif gets completed quickly. So, instead of thinking, ‘Well, I’ve managed to do a BIT MORE of the background,’ or whatever, with this design I can nearly always complete one motif at one sitting – even if it’s just one tiny leaf. That gives me a good feeling of satisfaction  🙂


I have had one small problem with this latest page of the design, though, which is purely my fault. It’s the ‘diamond’ of concentric lines of colour. The problem is that I started stitching it from the outside in, as it was easier to count from existing stitching to where to begin the outside edge, so I carried on stitching smaller and smaller diamonds…but that meant that I gradually stretched the fabric, as I was leaning on it with my right hand as I stitched, and that caused the centre of the diamond to form a ‘peak’. It’s made worse by the fact that I am experimenting with not using a frame of any kind for this project, so the fabric wasn’t being held taut – if it had been in a frame, this probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s really noticeable if you look at it sideways on:


So, I ironed it, stitched side down, over a pad of towels on my ironing board so that I wouldn’t squish the stitches. I used a lot of steam, and didn’t press down hard, but ‘hovered’ the iron over the diamond, pulling the fabric straighter both vertically and horizontally as I did so. After ironing the back for a while, I carefully hovered the iron over the front as well. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was! It looks like this now:


Now on to page six…..


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7 thoughts on “Autumn Quakers 4: I’ve finished page 4……. but I’ve got another problem”

    1. Thanks! I think it’s just me being picky – this is going to take a long time to complete, so I don’t want it spoilt by anything that *I* notice, even if no-one else does.

  1. Please relax as you stitch while holding the piece in your hand – this way you won’t be fighting the process but rather going with the flow…

  2. It’s looking great, and once it’s all framed up these little things will disappear, even if you find them frustrating! How wonderful to work on a project that you feel like you are getting somewhere on all the time! I’m always setting myself goals of ‘just that much sky’ or something similar!

    1. Yes, it really helps with this project that the little motifs are so ‘do-able’in short parcels of time. It has made a lot of difference to how I’ve felt about this one.

  3. Just love this one and like your other commentors, I’m sure that issue will resolve itself. I think I told you I am stitching Cornwall Cottage and it does have a pesky repetitious border but it’s going good!

    1. Thanks! At least with repetitive borders you can do them in short bursts, and it kind of gets quicker over time, as your body learns how to do each repeat 🙂

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