Home Sweet Home Workbox 47: special offer and book reprint announcement!!!

A while back, I wrote a long series of blog posts about the Home Sweet Home embroidered workbox etui set, which I made from the wonderful book by Carolyn Pearce. The book had originally been published in 2012, but within a couple of years it went out of print – just as I was starting my blog post series. So, I was very aware at the time that if people became interested enough in the project that they’d like to make their own, they wouldn’t be able to, as the book was unavailable!


However, there is now some good news! The book is being published again, and copies will be in the UK shortly.

This is the version of the house that I made:


This is the inside, showing the inner tray and some of the smalls:


This shows the inside, once the inner tray has been removed:


And here’s all the smalls I made, set out on their own:


The book will be available from Fobbles in Cumbria, for one, and Beverley, who runs the Fobbles shop, has kindly agreed to offer readers of this blog 10% off the usual price that she will be selling the book for (usually £19.99), if they email her to pre-order and mention that they saw the offer here. You’ll then get 10% off the retail price when the book is in stock at Fobbles, towards the end of October. Just email Beverley at sales@fobbles.co.uk  The offer is valid until 31st October 2016.

It’s well worth getting the book – it has fantastically detailed instructions, and beautiful pictures throughout.


Carolyn Pearce

Home Sweet Home: an embroidered workbox

ISBN 13:   978-0980876703

Publisher: Country Bumpkin (Australia)


8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Workbox 47: special offer and book reprint announcement!!!

  1. Leigh

    To celebrate the re-print in the latest Inspirations magazine (Issue 92) Carolyn has designed another item for the cottage work box – a bellows shaped needle case that also stores a bodkin. Their website doesn’t have issue 92 up yet but should shortly.

  2. Dragonflies Studio

    I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I just finished my house. It was an amazing process and outcome. I learned so much… Your blog entries gave me hope that I could finish it and help where I was a little uneasy about instructions. Thanks again! I also want to thank your for your blog about the Victorian wooden box that is one of your most favorite items. I will embark upon that after a brief rest! I had not done too much embroidery over the years. Your blog is amazing and I so enjoy looking at your work. The doll house you are doing is amazing…thanks again! Mary

    1. Janet Granger Post author

      Thanks for your comments – it’s why I write this blog – I want to show people how they can make things too. I hope you’re pleased with your house as well 🙂

  3. Linda Gabry

    Hi. I am about to start this project and have been reading your much appreciated posts. It is just grand to have a trail blazer! I did have a question: did you line your large house pieces? The smalls which are photos on the reverse are clearly not lined. I find her directions on this one matter confusing. If you stitched the house walls with a lining’ what did you use? The book directions indicate an unwoven lining but the supply list quantity is inconsistent with the total size of walls. I also don’t want to end up with so much bulk that it affects assembly of the house. Thank you in advance…and I truly thank you for your record of your journey through this oroject. I intend to make it a regular companion!
    Linda G.

    1. Janet Granger Post author

      Hi Linda – do you mean did I line each house wall piece with a padding material of some kind? Not sure what you mean…. I padded each wall piece with white felt, cut a bit smaller than each piece of mount board, and then covered the board with the embroidered panel piece, lacing it in position. It didn’t make assembly of the house bulky.


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