Celtic Autumn in alternative colours – 8 (the colour key)

Several people have emailed me for the full colour key list for stitching the Lavender and Lace Celtic Autumn in the alternative colours that I used. To make it clear, these colour choices weren’t my idea – I found the suggested colours on the Celtic Lady StitchA Long blog. If you’re interested in any of the five Celtic Ladies, this blog is wonderful, as it is a place for lots of stitchers to upload their progress photos. Sadly, the blog seems to have virtually ‘died’ now, but the images and text are still there as a really useful archive.

LL - 26 Celtic Autumn framed

The colourway I used was listed on 3 June 2010 by ‘Little Cat’, if you want to find it by date on the blog. The only amendments I made when I stitched mine was that I used Petite Treasure Braid in shade PB03 instead of the suggested PB01. I used it straight as it came off the card, and in total I needed 3 cards of it, with just about 1/3 card left at the end (which I can use when I stitch the others in the series)  🙂

Here is the conversion:

Celtic Autumn – Changed Colours (DMC stranded cotton)

We have changed the colour of Celtic Autumn to orange and greens. You use the original copyrighted chart that Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum has designed. The symbols remain the same as on the original chart but you stitch with different colours. You may find it helpful to write the symbols on your thread card

Ecru = this remains the same
300 = this remains the same
301 = this remains the same
356 = this remains the same
400 = this remains the same
402 = this remains the same
644 = this remains the same
754 = this remains the same
758 = this remains the same
780 = this remains the same
781 = this remains the same
783 = this remains the same
822 = this remains the same
829 = use 936 instead
830 = use 937 instead
831 = use 469 instead
832 = use 470 instead
833 = use 471 instead
834 = use 472 instead
924 = use 610 instead
926 = use 612 instead
948 = this remains the same
3371 = this remains the same
3768 = use 611 instead
3776 = this remains the same
3820 = this remains the same
3822 = this remains the same
3823 = this remains the same
B5200 = this remains the same
2001 = use 3825 instead
2002 = use 922 instead
2003 = use 921 instead
2004 = use 920 instead
2005 = use 919 instead
2006 = use 918 instead
PB01 = use two of the three strands of gold instead

BEADS (Mill Hill)

Some of these have also been changed
5 = 00557 this remains the same
9 = use 00221 instead of 02009 – 2pks
4 = 02034 this remains the same
2 = 02093 this remains the same
3 = use 62020 instead of 03024

I hope that if you choose to make this lovely cross stitch design, you enjoy it as much as I did!


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93 thoughts on “Celtic Autumn in alternative colours – 8 (the colour key)”

  1. Hope you don’t mind, but I posted a link to this page on the Facebook Group Stitchalong as next year there will be a L&L, Butternut Road, etc. stitchalong. I’ll bet someone in that group might like this reference!

      1. Would it be possible possible to have the chart for the Falling leaves? I would greatly appreciate it very much.

    1. Hello, my dad and I love your conversion for Autumn and would like to do the same. I would like your permission to copy and paste the colour list and beads so that we can also do the same as you have done. Also, I would like to do convert Summer, how would I start the process?

      1. Thank you and have requested to join that group but no one is letting me in yet. I am Silver Lioness on Facebook… if you could help me out there?

  2. Your work is really spectacular! Thanks for posting the color conversion, It’s nice to see it in one place along with the finished project. I really like the falling leaves chart mod, seems much more autumnal. Would you mind sharing the chart or directing me to the proper source? Thanks.

    1. I’m on the verge of starting the Celtic Autumn. I’d love to use your colours but only if I could use your leaf design. Please, please could you send it to me? I’d be most grateful. Thank you. ☺

  3. This is probably a dumb question, but I’m just getting started on this pattern. I pulled out the Celtic Autumn pattern and am eager to start it. I have to order most everything on-line as all our cross-stitching stores bellied up. I was wondering what the instruction ” 157 x 238″ means. It’s at the top underneath the type of linen to buy. I also wondered how many strands you used for the cross-stitch.

    1. The instruction ‘157 x 238’ means the stitch count, horizontally and vertically. This is useful for when you want to work out how large/small the design will be when stitched on different counts of fabric.

      On my design, I used two strands of Anchor, and one strand of the gold thread (the instructions on the chart say to use two, but I felt that would be too ‘fat’).

  4. I am going to try this color conversion using Vikki Clayton H D F silk floss. She has a silk for every DMC color, plus her own beautiful shades. I have just ordered the colors I didn’t already have. (Already had silks in the blue-violets, but agree they don’t seem like autumn colors.) Already have my chart and my beads, and when the “Terra Potta” and “Imperial Green” and “Bird Feathers” silks come I will compare them to the Picture This Plus linens I have in my stash and pick one. As if I didn’t have enough UFO’s to finish…

  5. I too would love the chart for the leaves….my home is cedorated in the greens and rusts and would love to add the leaves instead. Thanks so much!

  6. I looked on the Celtic ladies site, but did not see alternative colors for the other Celtic pieces. There is such a dramatic and beautiful difference in Autumn I want to be sure I’m not missing something!

    1. On the Celtic ladies stitchalong blog, people don’t often post a listing of the colours they use, if they alter anything, as their alterations are usually minor ones. But it seems that the Autumn one gets altered so often, partly due to the original colourway being so drab. So, that is the one that tends to have alternative colour keys published, and not the other seasons.

      1. Have just found your web site and love the L&L celtic seasons. Have just finished the Spring alternative colour scheme, looks fab lots of purple, green and yellow. I also enjoy making alterations to the original pattern making each project personal.
        Just about to start the alternative Autumn am looking for a complimentary fabric colour……so very itchy fingers until this is found – any recommendations anyone.

      1. I was wondering if you could please email me the pattern amendment for the leaves. Cheers

      1. As an addicted x-stitcher particularly for the Celtic Season Ladies, I am wondering if I could also ask for the chart of the Autumn leaves. Just about to start mine on Country Mocha fabric really makes the alternative colour scheme shine. Many thanks C.

  7. I like this conversion the best and love the leaves it really makes it a autumn piece. I would love the pattern for the leaves also. Thank you for sharing, Jessie

  8. Hello. I have done the The Celtic Spring some years back and only have the pattern for the Celtic Autumn. I love the alternative colours. I just have one question. On the chart is states “Needlepoints 2001,2003, 2205, 2002, 2004 and 2006” Are those beads? I tried to google it, but are not getting very far. Thank you very much for your reply. Kind Regards Karin

    1. Hi Karin,

      Needlepaints are a range of stranded cotton threads that Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum (the Lavender and Lace designer) brought out as her own range of shades, quite a few years ago now. She did it as she couldn’t find exactly the right colours for her designs, from other people’s ranges of thread colours. However, most of these colours are no longer being produced – there is a range of Robin’s Egg shades, and a range of soft purples, particularly, which are almost impossible to get, now. I wrote a blog post about the problem a while back, with suggestions for alternatives: https://janetgranger.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/celtic-summer-finding-substitutes-for-robins-egg-needlepaints-and-deciding-which-fabric-to-use/

  9. I just purchased the autumn Celtic. I saw a picture of the hands with the leaves and would appreciate the extended pattern for that. Thank you so much for the color changes to reds and greens !
    I would greatly appreciate the changes sent by way of my e-mail.

  10. Your colors are lovely. I’ve chosen to do something similar but with red/orange and purple. Could you also email me the falling leaves chart? Thank you!

  11. Just came across your blog and I love it! I have worked the celtic summer and am busy with the winter. Love the colour conversion for the autumn. Could I also get the leaves chart please? As I am reading the comments I feel really blessed as I have the needlepaints for all the celtic ladies! They are still available here in South Africa. I just called my favourite embroidery shop and told the lady which chart I am doing next and she sends me a package with the correct fabric, all the beads, and needlepaints….
    Just one question: what type of hoop or frame do you use while stitching? I am using a quilting frame(all I could find here) and was wondering if there is anything better as I don’t like a hoop – it might squash my beads.
    I didn’t know the beads where supposed to be added later…I just sewed them on with my treasure braid as I did the gold work….oops! Looked fine to me 🙂

    1. I’ve emailed the chart to you, Marcelle. Lucky you, to have all the Needlepaints available!! The purple shades are still easily available, it’s just the duck egg shades that are not being produced any more, apparently.

      I use a rectangular rotating frame, 24 inches by 12, to stitch on. That’s why I add the beads last – otherwise, the rollers would squash the beads against the fabric, and might stretch it out of shape. Siesta Frames do them.

  12. I would love to receive the chart for the leaves. I am stitching all of these beautiful ladies and I love this conversion.

  13. I have watched Carolyn Mazzeo’s WIP videos and she is doing the Autumn lady in the conversion colors and they are just stunning. Thank goodness she provided a link to your blog so I could note the color conversion….why on earth would they originally chart an Autumn woman in colors that aren’t Fall reds and greens…oh well!!! Thank goodness for the internet!!!! She mentions that you have a modification for falling leaves and I would love to see that if possible. Thanks so much for showcasing this lovely project.

    1. Hi Heidi – I have heard that the Celtic Autumn lady was possibly designed using those original colours, as Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Lavender and Lace had just brought out her own range of ‘Needlepaints’ threads ( a select range of soft toning shades specifically for using on her own designs – mainly purples and soft teals). So, the new designs then used those shades…whether they were a great choice for the subject matter or not. It does look good in the original colours, but lots of people like to do ‘traditional’ autumn shades, too. I’ve emailed you privately about the leaves chart 🙂

  14. Hi. I have just discovered your blog and think it’s great. I would really like to do the Celtic Autumn in your colours and do the leaves as well. Would you please be so kind to share the pattern of the leaves with me. I would really appreciate it. I have already finished Celtic Spring and am planning on starting the Autumn one soon. Thank you 🙂

  15. Hi Janet, just purchased Celtic Autumn and would be grateful if possible i could have the pattern for the leaves. Thank you very much. ☺ x

  16. Hi Janet,
    I am in LOVE with your Celtic Lady! Seeing how pretty she is has helped me out of my stitching comfort-zone. I think the falling leaves are such a beautiful touch. I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me the design for the leaves?
    again, thank you so much for sharing your inspired piece(s)!

  17. I LOVE your conversion! Would you be willing to email me the portion for the leaves? I love this addition!

  18. Simply beautiful stitch!! Would it be possible for you to email me the chart for the leaves please? Thank you 🙂

  19. Hi Janet. I absolutely love how you did this design. Are you still sharing the leave design you inserted ? If so, I would love it if you could send it to me. Just signed up for your blog and am loving it. You do beautiful work. Thanks.

  20. Janet….. I am so thankful that I have found your blog because I have been looking for the autumn conversion for a little while now as I find I like this one so much better with the”fall” colors….. I’m going to ask you for the same thing that everyone else has, the pattern for the leaves in this….

  21. Gorgeous color conversion! So glad I found this before starting mine.
    I did a color conversion to the L&L Lady of the Flag to make her a brunette and altering the beads in her coronet and flame which was nothing compared to this so I can appreciate how much work can be involved. Thank you for sharing your hard work.
    May I also have a copy of your chart for the leaves falling from her hands. They add greatly to the Fall feeling of the piece. Thank you very much!

  22. Hi Janet, I bought the L&L Celtic Autumn lady a little while ago and I’ve finally started stitching it with the alternative colours. Like everyone else on the blog, I love the cascading leaves so can I be cheeky and ask for the design please?

  23. Thank you so much for posting the color conversion. Would you please send me your leaf conversion as well? It is beautiful!

  24. Hi there,

    I love your conversion! Would you be able to share the leaves chart with me? It really adds beauty to this piece. Thanks so much!


  25. Hello Janet
    I love your version of Celtic Autumn. Would it be possible to receive the leaves chart? Your needlework is beautiful and shows your natural creativity.you truly are gifted. Thank you for your time.

  26. Hello Janet,

    I am almost finished with my Autumn Celtic lady – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed stitching it, but now come to the beads. I stumbled across your version with the leaves on Pinterest and definitely prefer that to the original. I see that you are willing to part with the pattern! May I ask for a copy too? I cannot find the Celtic lady blog, it seems to be empty!

    Thanks so much.


  27. Hi Janet, Would it be possible to get a copy of your design for the leaves falling? It is beyond gorgeous! Your colour conversion is amazing!

  28. Hi! I’ve just finished Angel of Love from Lavender and Lace. That was my first project.I’m a newbie stitcher. While I was looking through youtube, I’ve realized I’ve got so much to learn! This has inspired me! I want to make the four season celtic angels for my family. I was wondering if I can get the chart for the falling leaves as well? Thank you so much! Your work is amazing!!

  29. I would LOVE to also have the chart for the falling leaves if you would please send it to me! Your color conversion of Celtic Autumn is the most beautiful of all the Celtic ladies, you’ve done such an amazing job!!!

  30. Hi Janet,
    Thank you so much for posting the color conversion. Would you please send me your leaf conversion as well? It is beautiful!

  31. Hi Janet,
    I am currently gathering the supplies to start Celtic Autumn. I love this conversion and unfortunately the link to the Celtic Lady StitchA Long blog is no longer active. You can’t get to anything any longer.

    I would also appreciate it if you could email me the leaf conversion as well. Additionally, from what I am reading here, you changed out the Needlepoints for DMC since some of these are no longer available, correct?

    This will be a challenge for me. I have had Floss Usage Charts letting me know how many skeins to purchase for each colors. I haven’t counted stitches to figure that out in years. Maybe I’ll just buy 3 or 4 of each color and see what happens. I’m not even sure I remember how many stitches you can get from the 6 strand DMC skein.

    Sorry, one more thing. Did you use linen and 2 over 2?

    Thank You,

  32. Hi Janet,
    I love your conversion on celtic autumn. And the leaves look more autumn. Would you please, please send me your leaves chart? Thank you.

  33. Ms. Granger
    Thank you so much for posting the color conversion. Would you please send me your leaf conversion as well? It is beautiful! Thank you very much! Ivana

  34. Thank you so much for this conversion! I have had this pattern for so long but never been happy with the colours – so happy to have found yours. Love your work.

    Like so many – I would love the pattern for the leaves that you have made. Can you please send it to me? I would love to do justice to this with your gorgeous addition.

  35. Hi Ms. Granger,
    I am writing to ask you if you would send me the pattern for the leaves for the Celtic Autumn. I think the leaves are really pretty on the piece. The Celtic Autumn conversion is beautiful.

    Thank you for your help.

  36. Love this!! Originally, I planned to only stitch Noel. However, once I saw your color choices, I fell in love with Autumn and will begin her next week!! Thank you for your time and willingness to share this.

    May I also request a copy of our leaves pattern? It’s such a perfect addition.

    Thank you!!

  37. Hello! I am planning on stitching all 4 Celtic ladies and agree with everyone that the original colors chosen are not really “autumn colors”. Could I bother you to send the pattern for the leaves? I am looking forward to my project 😉

  38. Thank you for the great job you did on the color conversion and for posting the changes. Would it be possible to get the leaf chart. It really does add to the conversion.

  39. Hi Janet
    I am using your conversion chart for the Autumn Celtic lady and would love the chart for the falling leaves. Would you mind emailing this to me?

  40. Hi Janet,

    Im planning to do the all 4x Celtic Ladies.

    Is it possible if you can kindly share the chart for the falling leaves on the Celtic Autumn pattern?

    I hope I’m not too late to request for it.

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards,


  41. Hi Janet!
    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your falling leaves conversion for the Celtic Autumn lady? I just love it so much!! I’m planning on doing the conversion and starting it later in the Summer or early Autumn..I also plan on doing all the ladies..but starting on Autumn first!
    Thank you so much

  42. Hi Janet
    I love the great job you did on the conversion colors for the Autumn Celtic lady!! Would you mind emailing me the chart for the falling leaves? thank you!!!

  43. This project is stunning! I am about to start working on this and would love to add the falling leaves. Would you mind sharing the pattern? Thank you!

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