Tiny handbags for doll’s house dolls have just been launched as kits!

The new range of handbag kits – some stitched on 32 count silk gauze, and some stitched on 40 count

Customers have been asking me to design some mini needlepoint handbags for years – and eventually I’ve got around to it! This week I’ve launched kits for eight designs altogether, to be stitched on either 32 or 40 count silk gauze, depending on the design, using tent stitch. You can see full details and buy them on my website.

I had great fun designing these – once I had worked out a good way to assemble the finished stitching, the designs just kept coming! The series covers day bags and evening bags, for several different historical eras. There’s even an Art Deco one called ‘Jazz Age’.

An Art Deco style handbag called ‘Jazz Age’

Each handbag kit contains a piece of silk gauze (32 or 40), Anchor stranded cotton threads, a colour block chart (the design is not printed on the fabric), detailed instructions, suitable needles, a tiny bead for the closure, beading thread, and fine gold thread for the handle. The bags measure approximately seven eighths of an inch across, when finished.

This is what you get in a handbag kit

For those of you who perhaps haven’t tackled anything this small before, there are many free  tutorials on my website which cover everything from what equipment you’ll need to do miniature needlepoint, to how to make up these tiny handbag kits.

Part of the handbag Tutorial – everything you need to know is explained clearly
The beginning of the Handbag Tutorial

Each kit costs £9.95. Shipping is free on the website on orders of £40 or more (under £40, there’s a flat-rate charge of £1.50  per order).

Why not treat yourself to a little needlepoint kit to start the Autumn? Even a doll’s house doll can never have enough handbags  🙂


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8 thoughts on “Tiny handbags for doll’s house dolls have just been launched as kits!”

  1. Oh, I am in love with these, Janet! All of them are so charming, so wonderful, and just bring an instant smile to my face. So much so that it’s got me re-inspired all over again to return to a very early favourite craft of mine – miniatures. And the kits are an excellent and very reasonable price, too. Get ready to sell hundreds, if not thousands of them, before too long.

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