Look what my clever customer has done!

This little doll’s house firescreen is one of the kits I sell on my website – it’s called ‘Nouveau Iris‘, as it’s based on an Art Nouveau tile, and is of a stylised iris flower. It is to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze with one strand of Anchor thread. I’ve been selling this kit for years, but I’ve never seen exactly what any of my customers have done with the ones that they buy from me…until now!


One of my customers, called Sue, recently sent me some images of her doll’s house room, with the firescreen that she had made from one of my kits. The room is a very pretty one, decorated in shades of cream and blue, so the firescreen goes really well with the decor. But what I really liked was what Sue had done with the design. Not only had she made the firescreen, but she had then used the iris motif to make a matching carpet to go in front of the fireplace. She stitched the carpet on 22 count canvas using DMC thread, and repeated the design three times, to make this:

Nouveau iris carpet by Sue Cooke 2015

Isn’t it great? Here’s the carpet and firescreen (and, if you look closely, some scatter cushions with the same design on!), in her doll’s house room:

Nouveau iris carpet by Sue Cooke 2015 roomset

I have many more examples of miniature needlepoint that my customers have stitched, on my website, on the Customers’ Stitching page. They make great eye candy!


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Here are more new doll’s house pole screens and firescreens!

After launching the first batch of four little pole screen and four firescreen miniature needlepoint kits for doll’s houses a couple of weeks ago, here’s the next collection, just added to my website. With this new collection, all the designs are to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze. The pole screens in the previous collection (the Four Seasons ones) were all on 40 count silk gauze. I’m aware that not everyone who does mini-stitching likes to stitch on such fine fabric as 40 count, so this collection, on 32 count, is much easier to stitch, even if you’ve never done mini-stitching before.


They are great fun to make, giving you hours of stitching pleasure during the winter evenings. They make great presents, too, either stitched up and given finished, or given as a kit to someone who loves to stitch.

All of these kits are suitable for twelfth scale doll’s houses (one inch to one foot scale). To give you an idea of the scale, if you’re new to miniatures, the pole screen, when finished, is five inches high, and the firescreen is 2 3/4 inches high.

Here is the ‘Four Seasons’ series of pole screens (Spring Flowers, Summer Roses, Autumn Harvest and Winter Wreath), stitched on 40 count silk gauze:


The firescreen kit contains a white metal kit in three pieces to make the frame, and the pole screen kit contains finely-turned mahogany pieces to make the pole screen. Also, each type of kit contains a colour block chart to count the design from (the design isn’t printed on the fabric), a suitable fine needle, generous amounts of Anchor stranded cotton (floss), a piece of silk gauze and detailed instructions.



The firescreen frames are simply glued together with a contact adhesive such as Araldite, and then finished with enamel hobby paint, such as Humbrol (not included in the kit, but the colour I used is suggested on the instruction sheet). The pole screens are glued together with wood glue, and then finished with mahogany wax polish – you can purchase a Wood Finishing Kit from my website for this, or you can simply leave the wood in its natural state.

Both types of kit are very easy to make. There are tutorials on my website about how to put each one together, if you’d like to see that first!

Here are the new pole screens and firescreens, displayed in miniature room settings, to give you an idea of how they could look in your own doll’s house:





The firescreen kits are £20.95 each, and the pole screen kits are £19.95 each. These would make great Christmas presents, either for yourself or a friend!


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New doll’s house firescreens…and new scissors

This month, I have my new doll’s house firescreen kits being featured in New Stitches magazine (Issue 243, on sale from today), on the ‘Stitcher’s Notebook’ pages. They mention all the relevant info, and a nice BIG picture of the firescreens themselves. These are stitched on 32 count silk gauze, and are 2 1/2 inches high when finished. You can buy them from my website.

New Stitches editorial firescreens cover June 13

New Stitches editorial staff are very good when they are going to feature my work – they always send me a copy of the page first, so that I can check that all the information is correct (I wish all the other magazines would do this!!).  So, although the magazine is only on sale from today, I saw this a couple of weeks back.

New Stitches editorial firescreens June 13

And when I did, I was also interested in the other items that are featured on the same page as my firescreens – the three pairs of embroidery scissors. Aren’t they lovely? Each pair is 4 1/2 inches long, and they cost £11.50 each. So, they’re not quite what I would call  ‘budget’ scissors, but not too pricey, either. And the designs are lovely. I really like the ones in the centre.

I love making etui sets, which usually contain a pair of scissors, so I don’t just own one pair. But I like to buy different designs each time, and these beautiful new designs will definitely go on my wish list.

I tried emailing the company, Hemline, to try to find out where I could buy these from – the email address is printed in the article. I emailed them twice, a week apart. No reply. Hmm, not very encouraging. I checked to make sure I had the email address correct, and I did. So, try emailing them yourself and see if they reply to you! The email address is  crafts@stockistenquiries.co.uk .


(EDIT 27 June 2013: These should be available from Sewandso in a few days, hopefully!)



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New doll’s house firescreen kits launched today

I have just added four new firescreen kits to my miniature needlepoint kit website today. They have all been designed to complement existing items in my range, so if you like the matching look, these kits will help make your doll’s house rooms even better  🙂  You can choose from ‘Berlin Woolwork’ (a striking black and gold design with a multicoloured floral centre),  ‘Tree of Life’ (a plant with sweepinging stems, sporting fantastic flowers and leaves),  ‘Willow Pattern’ (traditional blue and white), or ‘Barbara green’ (flowers in shades of peach, on a trellis background).



Firescreens for doll's houses - each one measures two and three quarter inches high
Firescreens for doll’s houses – each one measures two and three quarter inches high

Each firescreen kit contains a piece of 32 count silk gauze, a colour block chart to count the design from, plenty of Anchor stranded cotton, detailed instructions, a suitable needle, and a white metal firescreen frame kit, which comes as three parts and simply needs gluing together and then painting with an enamel colour of your choice.

When finished, the firescreens measure two and three quarter inches high, by two inches wide.

They can be bought from the ONLINE SHOP now.  There is a FREE ONLINE TUTORIAL for the firescreen kits, if you’d like more detail about what making one of these kits involves.

The kits cost £19.95  each.


Here are images of the new firescreens, along with the other kits that co-ordinate with them:






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