Special offer on cute dollhouse needlepoint teacozies!

I have recently been sent this amazing image by one of my customers called Joann, of these cute dollhouse needlepoint teacozies that she has made from my kits. Joann has been stitching these up and collecting gorgeous mini teapots to co-ordinate with them, to make the most fantastic display.

Dollhouse teacozies, Dollhouse accessories, Needlepoint kits

Here’s a close-up. All the needlepoint teacozies on this dresser are from my kits, except the Pavarotti one in the lower left hand corner, which Joann created herself, to match the Pavarotti teapot. Some of the teapots are by Valerie Anne Casson, and some by Janice Crawley (Joann thinks that Janice only exhibits at shows – I can’t find an online presence for her, other than on Pinterest).

The peach version of the ‘Willow pattern’ design (far right in the image above) is Joann’s own colourway choice for the ‘Willow pattern’ kit in the traditional blue and white, on the far left.

I just love the way Joann has matched up the teacozy designs with the various teapots – what a great display this makes!

Dollhouse teacosy, Dollhouse accessories, Needlepoint kits

If you’d like to have a go at making your own teacozy for your dollhouse, then have  a look at  my website to see the full range – they are simple to make, and great fun to do! They are to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze. Each teacozy has a different design on each side, for interest, so you can ring the changes whenever you want! There’s a page on my website that shows you what you get in a kit, and another page that’s a tutorial showing you how to assemble the dollhouse teacozy kit.

Doll's house tea cosies

There are ten designs altogether. This is one of the first that I created – it’s called ‘Spring Blooms’, and features tulips, daffodils, and primroses on a light yellow background. I also have a selection of teapots and tea sets for sale to go alongside the cozies (the teapots each fit under a teacozy), and there are matching tray cloth kits for each teacozy, too.

Spring flowers teacosy for dollhouse

This one is my absolute favourite, though – a ginger cat-shaped teacozy!!

dollhouse teacosy ginger cat

All the teacozy kits are usually £14.95, but if you use the code TEATIME at the checkout before midnight on Sunday 14th October 2018, you can save 10% on the usual price  🙂

So, why not have a go at making one of these – you never know, you might end up with a great collection like Joann’s!


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6 thoughts on “Special offer on cute dollhouse needlepoint teacozies!”

  1. I have forwarded this on to Janice Crawley. She is a fellow club member. She will love to see this beautiful work!

      1. I asked Janice about her contact info and she says she prefers to sell only at shows. She usually attends the Kensington show in May.

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