New dollhouse needlepoint pole screen and firescreen kits launched today!

Look at these lovely little pole screen and firescreen needlepoint kits for doll’s houses, that I have just launched today on my website:

Polescreens and firescreens new kits 2015 - 800

They are great fun to make, and will give you hours of stitching pleasure during the winter evenings.

The pole screens are to be stitched on 40 count silk gauze, and the firescreens on 32 count silk gauze. These  co-ordinating kits are all designed around the theme of ‘the four seasons’. I already had the second firescreen from the left in this line-up in my range of over 260 kits – it’s called ‘Summer Roses’. But that inspired me to design all of the rest, as I thought that the other seasons could all be represented in needlepoint, too. So, from the left, these are called Spring Flowers, Summer Roses, Autumn Harvest, and Winter Wreath.

They are all suitable for twelfth scale doll’s houses (one inch to one foot scale). The pole screen, when finished, is five inches high, and the firescreen is 2 3/4 inches high.


The firescreen kit contains a white metal kit in three pieces to make the frame, and the pole screen kit contains finely-turned mahogany pieces to make the pole screen. Also, each type of  kit contains a colour block chart to count the design from (the design isn’t printed on the fabric), a suitable fine needle, generous amounts of Anchor stranded cotton (floss), a piece of silk gauze and detailed instructions.



The firescreen frames are simply glued together with a contact adhesive such as Araldite, and then finished with enamel hobby paint, such as Humbrol (not included in the kit, but the colour I used is suggested on the instruction sheet). The pole screens are glued together with wood glue, and then finished with mahogany wax polish – you can purchase a Wood Finishing Kit from my website for this, or you can simply leave the wood in its natural state.


Both types of kit are very easy to make. There are tutorials on my website about how to put each one together, if you’d like to see that first! Here’s an example of one of the tutorial pictures:


Here are the new pole screens and firescreens, displayed in miniature room settings, to give you an idea of how they could look in your own doll’s house:

spring-flowers room corner

summer-roses-room corner

Autumn room corner

winter-room corner

The firescreen kits are £20.95 each, and the pole screen kits are £19.95 each. These would make great Christmas presents, either for yourself or a friend!


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