Christmas mini-stitching ideas

If you own a twelfth scale doll’s house, or know someone who does, then here are some ideas for mini-stitching kits that you could either make yourself in the run-up to Christmas, buy to give as kits for loved ones, or drop subtle hints about so that someone else buys them for you! All these miniature needlepoint kits are available now on my website.

3 stockings small

Firstly, some Christmas stockings. These are stitched on 40 count silk gauze, and when finished, they’re 1 1/4 inches high. They are £9.95 each, available from here.

Christmas placemats Janet Granger for AIM

Then there’s placemats (£14.95 for a kit to make four), a long table runner (£12.95), and a round table centre (£8.95) – all on 32 count silk gauze.


Then there’s Christmas tree mats (£20.95) on 32 count silk gauze, to stand your tree on.

There are also lots of little kits that make good stocking fillers, that aren’t Christmas-themed, but will make any doll’s house stitcher squeal with delight on Christmas morning!!


Some of the kits featured above are bolster cushions, round footstools, wallhangings, teacosies and firescreens. There are over 280 different kits to choose from – there’s bound to be something suitable to ask Santa for!



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Finished embroidery: more tiny Christmas stockings

I’ve just put three new designs for Christmas stockings for doll’s houses on my website. Each one is only 1.4 inches high when finished:

The latest doll’s house Christmas stocking kits available from

Each stocking is designed to be stitched on 40 count silk gauze, and is far simpler to stitch than it  might look! Everything you need is included in the kit – silk gauze, Rayon silk thread, backing fabric, needle, detailed instructions and a colour block chart to count the design from.

Choose from a Victorian girl carrying presents, a jolly Santa, or a snowy village scene. This last design co-ordinates with one of our recently-launched Christmas tree mats on 32 count silk gauze, too.

The ‘Snowy Village’ Christmas tree mat, stitched on 32 count silk gauze with one strand of Anchor thread

There are already eight stocking designs available as kits – one of these is called ‘Candle’. This photo shows the design stitched by a customer called Lucy, and displayed proudly in the nursery of her doll’s house:

A finished Christmas stocking design, called ‘Candle’.

See all these designs in our Online Shop.

There are free online tutorials, too, to show you exactly how to make both the Christmas stockings, and the Christmas tree mats.


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