Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 18: stitching the thimble holder’s sides

I’ve decided to tackle the thimble holder next, from Carolyn Pearce’s book ‘Home Sweet Home: an embroidered Workbox’. It’s a cute looking project, but VERY SMALL!!! Although I love embroidering these etui pieces, the assembly fills me with trepidaion, so I’ll have to see how I go with this one.

The thimble holder looks, to me, like a little dustbin. The sides are embroidered with stripes of various embroidery stitches. I started with stripes about a quarter of an inch apart, using coral stitch in dark green Gloriana silk. Then I worked a row of stem stitch in Kreinik Very Fine Gold Braid close alongside the coral stitch lines.

Thimble 1

On the other side of the green coral stitch I worked another row of stem stitch, this time in deep lilac Anchor stranded cotton.

Thimble 2

Then I worked rows of running stitch in the dark green silk, leaving more of the thread showing on the top than underneath.

Thimble 3

This was so that I could then whip the running stitches with a light green stranded cotton, to give a striped effect. The instructions in the book said to then do a further line of whipped stitches in the reverse direction, using the Kreinik gold thread again, but I felt that that would make it too ‘overstuffed’, so I left it as it was.

Thimble 4

I’m pleased  with how this is turning out, although I was surprised how many hours it took to do! It only measures about 1 1/4 inches high by about 4 inches long.


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