There’s a new doll’s house carpet kit on my website, called ‘Saskia’

This doll’s house carpet is available as a kit, to be stitched on 18 count canvas

I’ve just launched a new miniature needlepoint carpet kit on my website today- it’s called ‘Saskia’, and it would make a great Christmas present! Full details are on the ‘Large carpets’ page of the online shop, here.

The design is an Oriental one, in shades of mid-blue with deep red and cream highlights, and measures 9 x 6 1/4 inches. It would look great in a study or drawing room in your doll’s house. The kit contains 18 count canvas, plenty of Appleton’s crewel wool, detailed instructions, a colour-block chart to count the design from, and a suitable needle. The design is worked in needlepoint – tent stitch for the details and basketweave for the background. Both stitches are easy to do (very similar to half cross stitch). There are Tutorials on my website, showing how to do these stitches, if you are new to embroidery. If you prefer to choose your own colours, or work the design on a different count of fabric, then a chart pack is also available. The full kit costs 21.50 GBP, and the chart pack is 10.75 GBP.

If you’re after smaller ‘stocking filler’ type gifts, then have a look at the What’s New page for some ideas – twenty new kits have been launched in recent weeks, so it’s likely that there will be something suitable.

Remember that, for items ordered via the website, p&p is free, worldwide, on orders of 10 GBP or over (under 10 GBP, there is a flat rate charge of 1.25 GBP per order), and parcels are usually posted within two business days.


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Finished embroidery: my doll’s house Christmas tree mat kits are now on sale!

‘Snowy village’ doll’s house scale Christmas tree mat, 4 3/4 inches diameter

A few weeks back, I showed off a picture of the first of my new Christmas tree mat designs for doll’s houses, as soon as it was stitched up. At the time, I said I’d let people know when the range was ready to be launched. Well, today’s the day! There are three designs in various diameters, to suit several sizes of miniature Christmas tree. They are all to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze, with one strand of Anchor stranded cotton, in tent stitch. The kits come with a colour block chart (the design is not printed on the fabric), and full instructions, including how to neatly finish the edge of the mat. The ‘Snowy village’ design will have a matching Christmas stocking design available soon, and I’m working on matching designs for the other two. The ‘Snowy village’ kit costs £18.95, and the two larger kits cost £19.95 each. Shipping is free worldwide on all orders over £10.

Poinsettia garland tree mat, stitched on 32 count silk gauze, five and a quarter inches diameter
Christmas cameos tree mat, stitched on 32 count silk gauze, five and a quarter inches diameter
Snowy village tree mat, stitched on 32 count silk gauze, four and three quarter inches diameter

This is what’s included in each kit:

This is what you get in a Miniature Christmas tree mat kit


Part of the Christmas tree mat tutorial on

There is a free online tutorial available, which shows exactly how to stitch and assemble the Christmas tree mats.

All the kits are available only from my website


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Finished embroidery: A Christmas design for a doll’s house …. in August!!

Several times a year, I bring out new designs for miniature needlepoint kits. Usually, the main batch is in the Spring, and then a smaller batch comes out in August. That means that the designs for the Christmas season have to be designed during the Summer (well, they don’t HAVE to be – but when it’s actually pre-Christmas and I’m *feeling* Christmassy, I haven’t got time to do any designing…). So, that means that when it’s the Summer, I’m designing for the Winter, which isn’t always easy. I can try putting on a CD of Christmas music, and I’d love to have a few mince pies to munch on, but really I just have to think myself into the Christmas mood without any ‘props’.

This year, though, it’s been easier than usual, as I’ve had an idea in mind for a new type of kit for a while now. The kits aren’t ready to go on sale yet (that should be in a couple of weeks), but I can’t wait till then to reveal one of the designs, which is now stitched and ready for the kit pack photography to be done.

‘Snowy village’ Christmas tree mat for a doll’s house

Da-dah!! It’s a Christmas tree mat in one twelfth scale (one inch to the foot). It measures just five inches across. It’s stitched in tent stitch and basketweave stitch using one strand of Anchor thread on 32 count silk gauze – that’s 1024 stitches per square inch.

This picture shows the tree mat ‘in use’, as it were – the tree itself is only five inches high

I’ve got two more Christmas tree mat designs almost finished, so by the end of August they should be all be available as kits from my website


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Finished embroidery: a William Morris Arts and Crafts carpet in a beautiful doll’s house

Last week, I was bemoaning the fact that very few of my customers ever send me photos of the kits they buy from me, once they’re stitched up and displayed in their doll’s houses….then I get two sent to me in a week! I should be grateful, really 🙂

A William Morris style carpet in a pretty doll’s house bedroom

This lovely doll’s house scale bedroom is made by a customer of mine called Heleena, who comes from Finland. The room is beautufully romantic. The carpet she stitched for it is called ‘Carole (pastel colourway)’, and is worked in tent stitch and basketweave stitch, using Appleton’s crewel wools on 18 count interlock canvas. It measures eight inches long by four and a quarter inches wide. It is available from my website as a kit for £18.50, or as a chart pack for £9.25 (for if you’d like the flexibility of working the design on a different count of fabric, or in different shades of wool or silk).

The design is based on a William Morris  ‘Hammersmith’ carpet, of the late 1880’s. Peonies are depicted in the central area, with a border of stylised tulips.


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