There’s a sale on my website this week!

Would you like to save money on chart packs to make doll’s house scale carpets?

All the carpet chart packs on my doll’s house needlepoint website can be bought for 10% less than usual till midnight on Sunday 29th May 2016 when you use the discount code CHART10 at the checkout. So if you love to adapt the designs, colourways or fabric counts from the carpet kits that are also available, in order to make your carpets unique, now’s your chance to save money in the process!

This is what you get in a chart pack:

  • LARGE SCALE BLACK AND WHITE SYMBOL CHART – computer-generated and easy-to-follow
  • Detailed instructions, including how to work the design using tent stitch, how to hem the edges of your embroidery, how to add the fringe to the carpets, and how to finish irregularly-shaped carpets.
  • Suggested thread colours – the same ones as used in the full kits (Appleton’s crewel wool for the carpets), along with thread equivalents for DMC, Madeira and Paterna
  • Stitch diagrams explaining how to do tent and basketweave stitch (similar to half cross stitch), as well as fringing stitch (which is similar to a cross stitch worked over the edge of the canvas, leaving a series of loops which are later cut to an even length). Of course, if you choose to work the designs in cross stitch, then with a chart pack, that is an option which is entirely up to you!

Each of these charts is specifically designed for use in one twelfth scale doll’s houses.

To see the selection of miniature needlepoint designs which are available as chart packs, see the carpetstaircarpet, and wallhanging pages in the Online Shop (NB: Wallhanging charts aren’t in the sale, though).

This is an example of a carpet chart pack (this one is a William Morris-inspired carpet called ‘May (blue)’ :


To take advantage of the sale, simply use the discount code CHART10 as you go through the checkout, and 10% of the price of any carpet chart packs (including staircarpet charts) will be deducted from your order.

Here’s an example of what can be achieved by using a chart pack. One of my customers, called Deborah, used a Carole carpet chart, adapted the colourway and the size, and made this amazing carpet for her drawing room:


Carole adaptation Deborah N 540

Deborah used this design as inspiration for her adaptation:


Did you know that I sell ‘project-sized’ pieces of 18 and 22 count canvas, as well as various counts of silk gauze? So, if you are using the chart packs to make your unique piece of miniature needlepoint, you can get the fabric you need here.

Also, if you would like to use Appletons crewel wool to stitch your carpets (which is what I use in the full kits), you may like to know that Viking Loom, a wonderful needlecraft shop just outside York, have just added the whole range of Appletons crewel wool to their website, so although I don’t sell the wool skeins myself, you can now buy what you need easily online from them.

Visit my website to see the whole range of kits and charts for doll’s house needlepoint, or go straight to the chart pack section now.


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30% off discontinued embroidery kits

Today, I’ve decided which designs will be discontinued from my current range of miniature needlepoint embroidery kits, to make space for the new designs being brought out this spring. So, if you’d like to grab yourself a bargain, then have a look at the ‘sale’ page of my website’s shop. There are several types of kit for doll’s house soft furnishings on offer (such as this miniature carpet called ‘Marie’, shown above) – all with 30% off the usual price.


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A January Sale for miniaturists who love embroidery

It’s that time of year again – time to stock up on mini-stitching projects at bargain prices! Everything on my website, Janet Granger Designs, is in the January Sale – from needlepoint kits for doll’s house scale samplers, bolster cushions, wallhangings, etc., to supplies such as silk gauze in many different counts (from 32 count right up to 112 count). The Sale starts today, so visit the website now to see what’s available. Here’s a peek at the kind of doll’s house embroidery kit you could get your hands on:

A rectangular stool to co-ordinate with a fringed doll’s house carpet
Tudor wallhangings
These kits are good for beginners – doll’s house cushions on 22 count canvas
These sampler kits come with the wooden frame to mount them in. They are to be stitched on 32 count evenweave.

If you haven’t tried miniature stitching before, have a look at the Tutorials page of the website, where everything you need to know to get started is explained in detail, as well as instructions on how to finish each type of kit. Remember that post and packing is free, worldwide, on any order of £10 or more (under £10, there’s a flat-rate charge of £1.25 per order). Everything is in stock and ready to go, so why not  treat yourself with a stitching project to keep you busy during the coldest part of the winter by ordering now?


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My Doll’s House Embroidery Kit Sale Starts Today!

The annual sale of doll’s house embroidery kits and charts on the Janet Granger Designs website starts today. Every single kit on my website is in the sale, as well as accessories such as single-project sized pieces of silk gauze, and tiny tea pots to go with the teacosy kits.

Kits are available for the following miniature needlepoint items:

Carpets  ~~~ Staircarpets ~~~ Cushions ~~~ Bellpulls ~~~ Samplers

Wallhangings ~~~ Dining chairs ~~~ Rectangular footstools

Firescreens ~~~ Christmas stockings ~~~ Teacosies ~~~ Tray cloths

A selection of doll’s house cushions, stitched on 22 count canvas

If you love mini-stitching, then don’t miss the chance to stock up on kits to keep you busy throughout the coldest months of the year, all at bargain prices! Everything is in stock, and post and packing is free, worldwide, too.

All the kits are for one twelfth scale (one inch to one foot), and any components necessary to complete each kit are included in the packet – such as wooden pieces to make the dining chairs, and metal bellpull ends to finish off the bellpulls beautifully. Click here to see details of what each kind of kit contains.

An example of the contents of a kit – this is for a mini sampler to be stitched on 28 count evenweave

The kits are to be stitched using needlepoint stitches  – tent stitch and basketweave stitch (like half cross stitch) – so, if you can do cross stitch already, then these will be easy for you. There is a page explaining how to do these stitches here.

Detailed instructions are included in the kits, too, or you can check out the tutorials page on the website first, to see how easy it is to make one of these unusual items.

An example of one of the tutorials on the website – there are many to choose from!

Have a look at some of the finished kits, in these images that customers have sent in:

A pine bedroom with a carpet called ‘Eleanor’, based on a William Morris design
A detailed Arts and Crafts carpet called ‘May’
A Christmas stocking only an inch and a half high, to be worked on 40 count silk gauze

The website has secure payment facilities, and you can choose to pay using Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Maestro, or Paypal.  If you are not happy to order online, then a printed catalogue is available, and you can order by post or phone instead.

Don’t miss out! The sale is on for a limited time, so visit the website now!


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