Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 40: the pea pod and snail side of the box

This is the final wall panel of Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home Workbox. Not long to go, now!

I got a bit carried away with the embroidery on this one, and forgot to take pictures until I was half way through:

Pea 1

So, to go back a few steps: the pea flowers are done in Satin stitch with one strand of Anchor stranded cotton. The sepals are padded first, by stitching one layer at right angles to the top layer. Then a final layer of Long and short stitch will be worked on top of the padding.

Pea 2

The pea pods have Chain stitch centres, with sequins and beads added on top, and Chain stitch outlines. The main stem is Chain stitch, and the smaller stems are Coral stitch in light green, outlined with Stem stitch in darker green, whipped with gold Kreinik number 4 braid.

Pea 3

The little snail is worked in the same way as the one on the needlebook. The snail shell is padded with felt, and then Buttonhole stitch in worked in two curving rows. The bottom edge is outlined in Stem stitch in gold Kreinik braid. The snail’s body is rows of Stem stitch worked closely together. The eyes are bronze coloured seed beads on stalks of gold thread.

Pea 4

With the addition of a little ladybird, and then the usual meadow flowers along the bottom edge of the wall, the panel is now finished! This is the final wall panel, so now I only have the base and roof to do.

Pea 5


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