Finished embroidery – a room in my doll’s house

Miniature embroidery in my doll's house
Miniature embroidery in my doll’s house

These miniature embroidery pieces were designed and stitched by me over several years, but I always had in mind right from the beginning the idea to create a co-ordinating set of stitched pieces in gold and red tones.  To give you an idea of the scale (which is the standard collector’s scale of  what’s called ‘one twelfth’, by the way) –  the cushion measures an inch and a quarter across, the firescreen is two and three quarters high, and the carpet is six and a half inches wide.

The carpet is based on a ‘real’ one, in the Aubusson style, and stitched with Appleton’s crewel wool on 18 count canvas.  I then took motifs from that, and designed a matching bellpull on 32 count silk gauze (stitched with one strand of Anchor cotton), and the firescreen appeared soon after. All are available as kits from my website except for the footstool.


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Today I launched two new doll’s house scale Christmas stocking kits

'Toys for boys' and 'Toys for girls' doll's house scale miniature embroidery kits
‘Toys for boys’ and ‘Toys for girls’ doll’s house scale miniature embroidery kits

Today I launched two new doll’s house scale Christmas stocking kits. One is called ‘Toys for boys’ and features traditional toys such as a fort and a teddy, and the other design is called ‘Toys for girls’ and features toys such as (you guessed it!) a doll’s house and a doll. These miniature needlepoint stockings would make great additions to the Christmas scenes in your doll’s house.

If you are looking for Christmas presents, the kits are a good solution for stitching friends – or stitch them up yourself, and give them ‘hand-made by you’. Each kit is to be worked on 40 count silk gauze, and costs £8.95 each. There are six other designs in the range already.

They are available from my website

There is a free online tutorial about how to make up the Christmas stocking kits, if you are new to miniature embroidery.


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I’ve got some new doll’s house embroidery kits on my website!

I’ve been working all day on getting some editorial sent off to the stitching and doll’s house magazines, to advertise my new miniature needlepoint tray cloth kits. All my kits are for one twelfth scale doll’s houses (adult collector’s scale; not children’s!).

My newest doll's house embroidery tray cloth kit with matching teacosy
My newest doll’s house embroidery tray cloth kit with matching teacosy

Each tray cloth is designed to be worked on 32 count silk gauze, and is really simple to do. Everything that you’d need is included in the kit, from the silk gauze and Anchor stranded cotton, to detailed making up instructions with diagrams. A whitewood, ready-assembled tea tray is also included, into which the finished tray cloth fits neatly. As usual with our kits, a clear colour block chart is included, to count the design from. There are five designs altogether – you can choose from a cottage-shaped cosy, several floral designs, a 1930’s style crinoline lady and a willow pattern motif.

There are free online tutorials, too, if you are new to miniature needlepoint.

The tray cloth kits cost £9.95 each, and the teacosy kits are £12.95 each. Even the tiny teapots are available, at £2.95. P&P is free, worldwide, on all items from my website,


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First post

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for ages. I wanted a way to keep in touch with people who are interested in the same things as me – embroidery of all kinds, especially miniature needlepoint, which is what I design for a living – as well as all the things that I am interested in when I am not working. These include Dances of Universal Peace (more on this – MUCH more, probably!), my interest in the Sufi spiritual path, social issues, politics, gardening, dressmaking, alternative health…

My website is where all the designs for miniature needlepoint kits for doll’s houses can be found, and bought, if the fancy takes you. But on here you’ll hopefully be able to find out more about what motivates me to design, along with images of stitching in progress (both miniature and ‘full-size’).


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