There’s a dollhouse scale Home Sweet Home kit review in this month’s DHMS magazine

If you love mini samplers, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a dollhouse scale Home Sweet Home kit review in this month’s DHMS magazine (Dolls House and Miniature Scene).

Home Sweet Home dollhouse sampler kit

Moi Ali, who regularly writes for DHMS, contacted me a while back and asked if she could ‘have a go’ at stitching my little miniature Home Sweet Home sampler kit, and she’d write a review of how the kit works out. Of course, I thought it was a great idea – see the September issue of DHMS (out this month, August 2017) to see how she got on! This is the one I stitched:

Home sweet home miniature sampler

The sampler is from my range of 12 sampler kits for doll’s houses – it’s a cute little design to be stitched on 32 count evenweave fabric with one strand of Anchor thread, in tent stitch (like half cross stitch – if you’ve only ever done cross stitch before, you’ll find this really easy). Each one measures 1.8 x 2.1 inches (4.5 x 5.5 cm) when framed. All materials are provided, including the wooden frame. Priced at £9.95, each kit will give you several evenings of stitching pleasure, and you’ll have a great little sampler to show for it at the end 🙂


Are you interested in doll’s houses and stitching? Then why not visit my website, where you can buy doll’s house needlepoint kits to make all kinds of soft furnishings for one-twelfth scale dollhouses. There are over 280 kits to choose from, plus chart packs, fabric project packs, tutorials, and lots of eye candy to inspire you! Kits are available on 18 and 22 count canvas, 28 and 32 count evenweave, and 32 and 40 count silk gauze, so there’s something for everyone – from beginners to experts.


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Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 7: embroidering the caterpillar on the spool holder

I had a bit of a hiccup as I started to embroider the caterpillar on the spoolholder from Carolyn Pearce’s ‘Home Sweet Home Workbox’ book this week. I started by putting in two full 12 – strand lengths of Gloriana silk as padding on the caterpillar’s body. Then I couched it down with a contrasting thread. Then I realised that I was supposed to work stem stitch filling using the couched threads as a base, and finally couch over the couched threads with another colour last. Are you still with me?! Anyway, I didn’t want to have to do stem stitch filling, as it isn’t one of my favourite stitches.

Spoolholder 4

So, I unpicked the couching threads, and did them again using one strand of the Gloriana thread (I also added a third 12 – strand length of’ laid thread to make the caterpillar’s body bigger).

Spoolholder 5

This is the caterpillar once completed – with stem stitch outlining, tiny legs and ‘horns’ stitched with one strand of metallic thread in Gunmetal grey, and two bronze Mill Hill beads for his eyes. I’m quite pleased with him now. He’s about an inch and a quarter long.

Spoolholder 6

Then I started to add the grass, in two shades of Medici wool.

Spoolholder 7

And I used Fly Stitch and little straight stitches to work the wheat and dill plants among the grass.

Spoolholder 8

The pencilled little circles are placement guidelines for the red and pink anemones, which I’m planning to stitch next.


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Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 6: embroidering the sides of the spool holder

I’ve been embroidering the side panel of the spool holder (as part of the etui set that I am making) this week. This is not one of my designs, but is by Carolyn Pearce, from her book ‘Home Sweet Home Workbox’. I wish I had more time for this at the moment, but it’s just not possible! So, all I have done is one little flower. Still, it’s a very nice little flower.


Spool holder 3

It’s a cornflower, with the flower head worked in four shades of lilac / purple / pale blue straight stitches, radiating out from the centre. The very middle of the flower is closely-worked seed stitches done in very dark maroon, and old gold metallic thread for a bit of sparkle. The stem is chain stitch in a grass green shade of Gloriana thread (not sure of the thread name, as the label has fallen off!). The leaves are straight stitches in three shades of green.

Not much stitching, then, for a whole week (this flower is about an inch and a quarter high), but sometimes quality is better than quantity, and I’m pleased with how it has turned out.


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Carolyn Pearce Home Sweet Home workbox 5: starting the embroidery on the spool holder

This week I’ve started stitching the spool holder for the Carolyn Pearce ‘Home Sweet Home’ workbox (the design is from her book) – this is a beautiful little round box with wildflowers around the sides, and oranges stitched on the lid and base.

In her book, Carolyn suggests using a long-armed cross stitch for the oranges. When I tried that, mine came out very untidily, so I unpicked them and instead worked them in satin stitch, with a base layer of satin stitches laid in the opposite direction first, for padding, and a border of split stitch to define the outline (covered over with the final layer of satin stitches). The ‘ends’ of the oranges (is there a proper name for that bit?!) are little cross stitches worked in very dark brown, with one strand of Anchor thread.

This is the base of the spool holder:

Spoolholder 1

The top of the spoolholder has more oranges and leaves than the base, and an eyelet stitched in the centre, for the leading thread from the spool to be fed through, when the holder is completed. The leaves are worked in Vandyke stitch, in a variegated thread.

Spoolholder 2

I’m not sure that I pulled the thread tight enough when I was finishing the eyelet, so the hole isn’t very big, but I think it will work. The spool that I want to keep in this spoolholder is DMC number 12,  and that quality of thread is very fine, so I think it will work.


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