Finished embroidery: cute doll’s house bolster cushions to make

Doll’s house bolster cushions, stitched on 32 count silk gauze

Seven new kits have just been launched on my website – cute little bolster cushions for your doll’s house. They measure just an inch and a half long, by five eighths diameter.You can choose from floral, ethnic or ‘all-over’ designs, in pastels and brights. Each bolster is to be worked on 32 count silk gauze, and is designed to be really simple to do.

This design is called ‘Tabriz’

Everything you need is included in the kit, from the silk gauze and Anchor stranded cotton (floss), to detailed making up instructions with diagrams, wadding, and a suitable needle. As usual with my kits, a clear colour block chart is included, to count the design from. There are even detailed instructions for how to make the tiny tassels that decorate each end of the bolster! Each bolster kit costs £12.95 , and postage & packing is free worldwide for these kits (as we only charge a flat rate of £1.25 on small orders of less than £10 ).

To see the designs, go to the ONLINE SHOP now.

An example of one of the pictures from the bolster cushion tutorial

If you are a beginner to mini-stitching and are unsure as to whether you would be able to make one of these bolsters, why not have a look at the FREE ONLINE TUTORIAL first? It guides you through every stage of stitching and finishing the bolster cushion, with detailed photos to show you exactly what you need to do. You’ll see just how easy they are to stitch! Go to the BOLSTER CUSHION TUTORIAL now to see how easy they are to make.

There are many co-ordinating items available, to complement this ‘Summer Roses’ design


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Finished embroidery: look at this ‘Om’ cushion!!

I have recently returned from a Sufi Ruhaniat summer school in Germany, which was amazing – very uplifting.

As I had to travel from England, I was a bit limited in what I could take, so I had to leave my meditation stool behind. Fortunately, when I got there, there were a lot of meditation cushions of all shapes and styles available for the use of the students, and this one really caught my eye.

Om cushion with beautiful satin stitch embroidery

It’s worked almost completely in satin stitch of a really high quality, with a little back stitch. The colours are incredibly vibrant. The cushion is about 12 inches diameter, and about 8 inches deep.

Detail of the stitching

The motif in the centre is the ‘Om’ symbol. In Hinduism, it represents the unmanifest, the essence of the entire universe.

I’m very tempted to make one of my own, now 🙂


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