Gorgeous doll’s house rooms from France

There are new images to see on the Customers’ Stitching page of my website this week, as I have had some lovely new pictures sent to me by Catherine, one of my French customers. She has been decorating her beautiful large doll’s house for four years, methodically completing each room one at a  time before going on to the next. So far, she’s completed five rooms, and several feature miniature needlepoint that she has made using kits bought from me. Her page is at the top of the list, when you follow the link above.

In the hallway of her house there is a ‘May (blue)’ Arts and Crafts carpet, in shades of deep blue and beige, which takes centre stage. This is stitched on 18 count canvas, using one strand of Appleton’s crewel wool. On the left hand side, there is a ‘May (blue)’ cushion on the hall chair, which features a motif taken from the centre of the carpet. This is a quick project for those who are new to mini stitching. It’s stitched on 22 count canvas, with two strands of Anchor cotton.

This room is decorated ready for Christmas. The dining table is standing on an ‘Alice, small (green)’ carpet. The matching ‘Alice’ footstool , stitched on 28 count evenweave, is alongside. On the table is a teacosy with the ‘Berlin woolwork’ design on it, alongside all the other tea things. In the background, to the right of the fireplace, you can just see an ‘Alice (green)’ bellpull. Both the teacosy and bellpull are stitched on 32 count silk gauze.

It’s a wonderful doll’s house, and Catherine has done a great job on the rooms that she has completed so far. I’m sure the other rooms will turn out just as beautifully when they are decorated, too.

Visit the Customers’ Stitching page of my website to see dozens more images of rooms to inspire you for your own doll’s house!


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Finished embroidery: a William Morris Arts and Crafts carpet in a beautiful doll’s house

Last week, I was bemoaning the fact that very few of my customers ever send me photos of the kits they buy from me, once they’re stitched up and displayed in their doll’s houses….then I get two sent to me in a week! I should be grateful, really 🙂

A William Morris style carpet in a pretty doll’s house bedroom

This lovely doll’s house scale bedroom is made by a customer of mine called Heleena, who comes from Finland. The room is beautufully romantic. The carpet she stitched for it is called ‘Carole (pastel colourway)’, and is worked in tent stitch and basketweave stitch, using Appleton’s crewel wools on 18 count interlock canvas. It measures eight inches long by four and a quarter inches wide. It is available from my website as a kit for £18.50, or as a chart pack for £9.25 (for if you’d like the flexibility of working the design on a different count of fabric, or in different shades of wool or silk).

The design is based on a William Morris  ‘Hammersmith’ carpet, of the late 1880’s. Peonies are depicted in the central area, with a border of stylised tulips.


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