AIM miniature free online magazine has a new edition out!

The latest edition of the free online magazine ‘Artisans in Miniature’ has just come out! If you haven’t seen this publication before, it’s well worth a look. It has really interesting articles, written by professional miniaturists, on all aspects of the doll’s house hobby.

Issue 52 features a brilliant article on how to achieve the Art Deco look in your doll’s house:

AIM 52 - a

There’s also an article on Victorian houses:

AIM 52 - b

If you want to know which books are great for when you’re researching for your doll’s house, there’s a good list here:

AIM 52 - c

For those who like ‘how to’ articles, the issue has one on how to customise shop-bought lampshades (I’m going to try some of these!):

AIM 52 - d

And lots more….

There’s even a mention towards the back of the magazine about the Ginger Cat teacosy kit I have recently brought out….

AIM 52 - e

So, get a cup of coffee, visit the AIM website now, and enjoy a really good read! And it’s FREE  🙂


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Artisans in Miniature online magazine features my website this month

In the September issue of Artisans in Miniature online magazine, there’s a feature about my website for doll’s house needlepoint kits, so why not take a look here?

The article in this month’s magazine

The article is called ‘New on the web’, not because my business is new – I’ve had the website since 1997 (one of the first miniaturist websites online, actually) –  but because the website has recently had a complete overhaul.

The magazine is great, and it’s FREE! This month’s issue has the theme of food and dining rooms, so it’s mouth-wateringly tempting to look through – the food looks so real, you’d think you could really eat it!

The September issue has the theme of food and dining


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Embroidery designers can be strange at times….

This month’s Artisans in Miniature online magazine – 139 FREE pages-worth!

In this month’s Artisans in Minature online magazine, you can read an article based on an interview I gave called ’10 Things You Never Knew About Me’. So, for those of you who might wonder about when I first started to stitch, or whether I need glasses to see the fine counts of silk gauze that I use when I design the miniature needlepoint kits that I sell on my website …or how I met my husband, even (!), this article will tell you!

’10 things about me’ article on page 35

The April Issue of AIM is wonderful – 139 pages of the cream of the miniatures world – and what is best about it is that the magazine is completely FREE!

Here are some tasters to get you interested – my favourite pages from this month’s issue:

There’s a large section on weddings, to tie in with this month’s Royal Wedding

Easter projects also feature in the April issue

I love making miniature plants, so this was one of my favourite parts of the magazine

There are always several projects in each issue

So, get a cup of coffee and some chocolate biscuits, click here to read the full magazine now, and treat yourself  🙂


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Read about how I started my miniature needlepoint kit business in the FREE ‘Artisans in miniature’ online magazine

This month, there is an article about how I started my miniature needlepoint kit business in the Artisans in Miniature online magazine.

This is an amazing magazine – if you haven’t come across it before, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

The tempting cover for this month’s issue of the Artisans in Miniature magazine


It’s created by professional miniaturists, to showcase their work to people who love minatures…but the difference between it and printed magazines is that this one is completely FREE!! That doesn’t mean, though, that it is low-quality. On the contrary, I decided to contribute towards the Artisans in Miniature magazine because when I saw the high quality of the magazine (its presentation, attention to detail and types of articles and how-to’s that it featured in each issue), I knew I wanted to be part of such a great project! Their main website is here.

The article about how I started my business (first half)

This is what you’ll find inside the February issue of the AIM magazine

This month’s issue has 140 pages, and the theme of the magazine this time is ‘shabby chic’. You can see from the image of the index page above that it promises lots – and you won’t be disappointed! In-depth articles, projects, gallery pages, and much more. Click here to browse the magazine now (don’t forget to look at pages 46 – 49, where the article about my miniature needlepoint kits appears ).


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