How to fix back pain without drugs

zero balancing
A zero balancing therapist with a client

I have had back pain of various kinds for years. A few years ago, though, I managed to find a way to alleviate the pain in a way that gives total relief, for several months at a time (until I do something stupid, such as gardening for eight hours at a stretch, or picking up a railway sleeper and carrying it for a hundred yards, tucked under one arm. Honestly.)

The treatment I have found is Zero Balancing. I first came across it through a McTimoney Chiropractor, as I had previously been attending a very good Chiropractor to help me with a balance/dizziness problem that I’d been getting. But then this particular therapist became pregnant, and went on Maternity Leave, so, for the few months that she was unavailable, I had to find another therapist to go to. The second one was a bloke (Yay! No chance of him getting pregnant and stopping work, then!). Chiropractic is a very gentle therapy anyway, but I found that his style was even more gentle than the woman that I’d previously been going to. Partly, that’s because what he was doing wasn’t just the spinal manipulation technique of McTimoney Chiropractic, but the more holistic approach of Zero Balancing, too. In a couple of years, with sessions about three months apart, I’ve had chronic insomnia sorted, my nasty dizziness sorted, and I’ve been given easy exercises to do which make working at the computer all day a lot easier to unwind from.

At one point, I had given myself a frozen shoulder, through doing embroidery for days and days, holding a hoop frame in my left hand, and doing all of the stitching with just my right, so that my whole upper left body went into spasm. The Chiropractor told me to definitely stop doing that, or I wouldn’t be able to stitch at all in a few years’ time! What a threat!

The best description I have found of what Zero Balancing actually is, is from the Zero Balancing Association UK’s website:

“Some therapies, such as osteopathy and chiropractic, address the physical structure of the body, whilst other therapies, such as homeopathy and acupuncture, seek to balance the energetics of a person. Zero balancing engages both body structure and body energy simultaneously so as to bring each into a more harmonious relationship with the other.
Disturbances in this relationship can happen as a result of accidents, repeated or chronic strain, emotional events in a person’s history or simply because of poor postural habits.Zero Balancers work to restore the normal flow of energy that permeates the bones and to align that flow with the physical structure so that the whole person functions at their best possible level.” 

I have certainly found it to be very healing, both physically and emotionally, and would recommend it to anyone with a long-standing pain problem such as mine.