Help stop the EU ban on herbal remedies, please!

This is the website which shows a video explaining what will happen to herbal remedies after 30 April 2011

I don’t usually get ‘political’ on this blog – although I think of myself as a politically aware person. I am quite exceptionally putting out this post with a link to a video from the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), so that many who get RSS feeds, etc, of my blog can see this, which will allow them to make an informed decision about something which to me seems important.

You may, like me, feel it necessary to make an exception to your normal rule of not responding to electronic petitions (being all too well aware of abuse of such responses by many), or you feel impelled to express your view of the THMPD (Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products) Directive in some other way.

You don’t have to believe in, or support, every “natural herb”- based remedy for you to support the campaign against an EU Directive due to come into effect on 30 April 2011. You don’t even have to distrust the global pharmaceutical industry (though it helps!). You just have to support the right of all to choose, if they so wish, to have such pre-existing remedies available to them legally.
Even if you live outside the EU, please watch the video and sign the petition – the legislation in the EU is just the start. The aim of this kind of ban is for it to become worldwide very soon. For instance, it is already illegal in Canada to grow medicinal herbs in your own back garden!
The link is below –

If you care about your right to choose, and your health and that of people you know, then please support this.