Planning ahead….. more cross stitch for my wishlist

There are some websites that I just can’t help returning to again and again. Victoria Sampler, from the USA [EDIT 14th Dec 2012: Canada! It’s in Canada! ], is one of them. Thea Dueck is an amazing cross stitch designer, who designs projects (often 3D ones, which I love) which are really interesting, and often feature hardanger and beading accents. I haven’t ever tried hardanger yet, but when I get around to doing these projects shown below, I hope to try it out.

On my very long wishlist, I’ve had this cute Gingerbread Stitching House etui for a couple of years:

Then I found out that there is also a Gingerbread Church that goes with it. This is just a model – it isn’t an etui. But it is a lovely addition to the village:

Then I found out about the scissors case that was offered as a Christmas project stand-alone in the Just Cross Stitch Special Christmas Issue 2009 (the issue that has 75 Christmas ornaments from different designers). I’ve bought the magazine now, via Ebay, but not had time to stitch the scissors case yet. It would fit inside the Stitching House etui, if you wanted to store it there:

Then, frustratingly, Thea brought out the Gingerbread Christmas tree etui, but it was only offered as a ‘Stitcherama’ project (in Autumn 2012). A stitcherama is like an online class which starts on a specific date for a couple of weeks, with live video interaction with Thea at various times during the making of the class project. Nice idea, but pricey  😦  Apparently, she is planning to bring the design out as a chart booklet sometime in 2013, so then it will be generally available to buy, like the other designs [EDIT: It’s available as a chart pack now – Autumn 2013]:

Now, she has released this year’s addition to the Gingerbread village – a little Candy Cane Cottage, with a pinwheel accessory:

The only problem is, I want to make all of them now! As if I haven’t got enough on my wishlist  🙂

Don’t they look good together? All I need to do now is stitch my own ones!!

By the way, if you want to buy any of the generally available Victoria Sampler charts or accessory packs, and you live in the UK, don’t order them direct from Victoria Sampler, as the postage from America to the UK is horrendous – get them from Sew and So, who are based in the UK, as they have the whole range in stock (including the accessory packs), and their postage charges are very reasonable.


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