Beautiful miniature stitching for doll’s houses, by my customers

I sometimes showcase photos of stitching on this blog that has been sent to me by my customers – recently, I’ve had two people send images in of the wonderful embroidery they have made for their doll’s houses.
Summer day group
This is a set of chairs which Natalia from Russia has made. She finished the woodwork of the chairs in ‘shabby chic’ style, and then adapted my Summer Roses designs to make a set of three chairs with the title ‘Summer Day’ as a co-ordinated collection. She based the shabby chic chair style on one that she saw on my website’s Customers’ Gallery page, that another customer had sent in (the Customers’ Gallery page is always very inspirational!). 
Morning chair
The ‘Morning’ part of the Summer Day set features a cup of coffee as an accessory to the chair, ‘Noon’ has some ice cream, and ‘Evening’ has a cup of tea.
Noon chair
For the chairback on the ‘Noon’ chair, Natalia used one of the motifs from the Summer Roses teacosy kit (the reverse side), increasing the width of it slightly.
Summer roses teacosy style shot
Evening chair
For the other two chairs, Natalia used the tray cloth kit motif for one seat design, and added flowers in the centre of a wreath for the other one. Aren’t they lovely?
Elizabeth, another of my customers,  emailed me a few months back and asked if there was a way to enlarge my ‘Isobel’ carpet kit design for her doll’s house, as her rooms are large, but she really wanted to use this formal-looking Georgian design. Rather than just try to explain how she could do it herself, I thought that this design should be quite a quick one for me to alter, so I had a go – and this is the result! I added a second trellis border around the first one, making the finished size of the carpet about nine inches across, instead of the original six inches.
Isobel enlarged-a
And this is the original Isobel design, which is available as a kit from my website :
The original Isobel carpet design, available as a kit to be stitched on 18 count canvas
The original Isobel carpet design, available as a kit to be stitched on 18 count canvas
If any readers of this blog have images of stitching they have done from my kits or chart packs, I’d love to see them  🙂


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A new collection of Berlin woolwork style doll’s house needlepoint kits has just been launched

If you own a Victorian style twelfth scale doll’s house, then you will love the new needlepoint kits that I have just launched on my website – a large collection of classic Berlin woolwork style carpets and matching accessories, all in a stunningly dramatic black and gold pattern, with a central panel of flowers in deep jewel tones.

I decided to expand the range of Berlin Woolwork kits, as the first three in this range that I brought out earlier in the year (a needlework stand, a handbag, and a firescreen kit) proved to be extremely popular. I love the strong contrast of the shades in the Victorian Berlin woolwork style, so it was great fun to make each type of kit in this range, using lovely bright colours!

There are two sizes of rectangular carpet, plus a staircarpet, to choose from, as well as smaller kits such as a cushion, footstool, chair, teacosy, tray cloth, bellpull, bolster cushion…. lots of goodies to make, all in the high Victorian Berlin woolwork style.

They are all to be stitched using tent stitch (like half cross stitch) – the fabric counts range from 18 canvas (for the carpets), to 32 silk gauze. The carpet kits contain Appletons crewel wool, and all the other kits contain Anchor stranded cotton. The kits have clear instructions, and colour block charts to count the design from. All necessary components are included in the kits, such as the metal bellpull end, or the wooden chair pieces.

This doll's house carpet measures 6 x 8 inches, and is to be stitched on 18 count canvas with Appleton's crewel wool
This doll’s house carpet measures 6 x 8 inches, and is to be stitched on 18 count canvas with Appleton’s crewel wool

Have a look at the What’s New page of my website to see exactly what the range covers. The kits start from £4.75. P&P is £1.75 per order if placed by post (cheques to Janet Granger); p&p online depends on the order total (but it’s free worldwide on orders over £40).

Berlin Woolwork doll's house dining chair - the kit comes with 32 count silk gauze, and the chair can be made up with or without the arms
Berlin Woolwork doll’s house dining chair – the kit comes with 32 count silk gauze, and the chair can be made up with or without the arms

If you are a beginner to mini-stitching and would like to know what making any of these kits actually involves, why not check out the FREE ONLINE TUTORIALS page first? The tutorials guide you through every stage of stitching and finishing each type of kit, with detailed photos to show you exactly what you need to do. You’ll see just how easy they are to make!

A tray cloth for a doll's house, to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze. The wooden parts for the tray are included in the kit
A tray cloth for a doll’s house, to be stitched on 32 count silk gauze. The wooden parts for the tray are included in the kit

Keep an eye out for more new carpet designs (including some Art Deco ones) being launched next month……


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A large (by doll’s house standards) needlepoint carpet

My customers often send me images of the doll’s house scale items that they have made from the kits and charts on my website. Heide is from Germany, and has been stitching my designs for over ten years. She recently sent me photos of her latest creation – a very large paisley carpet.

In 2010, Heide donated one of her earlier houses, the Big House, to a museum of childhood – but first she took out some of the carpets, and put them into her second house, The Café! But The Café will follow the Big House to the museum in 2014, so she says that again she will take out most of the carpets to put them into her third project, The B&B. In her words, ‘Double shame on me!!!’ for not letting her carpets go with the house. ‘I thought my age of 70 would make me a wise and unselfish woman, but there are obviously a lot of things I would miss.’  I think that is perfectly understandable!

This huge paisley carpet is based on a very early design of mine called ‘Phyllis’, which appeared in my book ‘Miniature Needlepoint Carpets’, but is no longer available as a kit. Heide’s carpet measures 13 by 4 1/2 inches (32 by 11 cm) – large by any miniaturist’s standards! It will fit one of the three lobbies in her B&B, which is in the process of being made.
This group photo shows many of the carpets that Heide has stitched over the years. She alters some of the colourways to suit her houses, and some she stitches as per the kit. It’s easy to see, from this photo, that Heide has a ‘favourite palette’ for her stitching! Clockwise from the top left, these carpets are: Elizabeth, Patricia, Heide’s adapted version of a carpet of mine called ‘Jessica’, Rebecca, Jessica (the same design as my original, but different colours), Carole pastel, Heide’s design based on Phyllis, and Ruth. Most of these are available from my online shop as full kits (to be stitched on 18 count canvas with crewel wool), and as chart packs too.


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A miniature carpet in a doll’s house scale office

One of my customers who lives in Russia, called Natalia, sent me these wonderful pictures last week, of a doll’s house scale office that she has made.

The room has got so much detail in it, it’s just greatl! The carpet in the centre of the room is one from my range of needlepoint kits and charts, and is called ‘Yvonne’. It is stitched on 18 count canvas. Natalia chose to stitch the design in her own colourway, to enhance the heavy Oriental look of the room.

Natalia's office 1

This is the carpet seen from above, to show the detail. She chose not to add fringing to the ends, so that when the carpet is in the room, the legs of the chairs can be clearly seen. She made the chair cushion from a cushion kit, but again, altered the colours and made the seat pad flat, to fit the chair.

Natalia's office 2

The original colourway of ‘Yvonne’ that I have in my range, which is available as a kit with 18 count canvas and Appleton’s crewel wools, looks like this, below. The matching cushion and staircarpet is also shown.

Yvonne collection

I have to say I think I like Natalia’s colours better than mine,  so I am working on a new colourway to my range now  🙂

Natalia’s pictures, along with dozens from other talented customers of mine, can be seen on the Customers’ Gallery page of my website.


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