Read about this blog in the latest issue of Artisans in Miniature

Would you like to read a really good online miniatures ezine called ‘Artisans in Miniature’? It’s a wonderful magazine which highlights all kinds of miniatures, and it costs nothing to read it! It is put together by professional miniaturists, with contributions from all kinds of people who work in the field of miniatures. In this month’s issue (number 48), there is a three page feature about this blog.  Read the article to find out why I started it, how I feel about the writing process, and so on. Click on the image of the magazine cover here to start reading.

2013 Nov Issue 48

2013 Nov Issue 48 Blog of month pages 28 &29

As well as having the article about my blog in this month’s issue, I also have a feature on page 81 of the magazine about the new ‘Berlin woolwork’ set of kits that came out recently – a collection of 12 miniature needlepoint items to make for the Victorian doll’s house.


They can be bought from the ‘What’s New’ page of the website here, along with many other newly launched kits, such as the new Art Deco carpet range.

The new collection of doll's house scale Art Deco carpet kits
The new collection of doll’s house scale Art Deco carpet kits


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Read about Tudor needlework in the latest AIM online magazine

In the August issue of Artisans in Miniature online magazine, there is an article by me on Tudor needlework which you might like to take a look at – it starts on page 60.

Issue 47 - Tudor nwk 0 cover

Here is a sneak peek at the article – the wallhangings shown are two from my range of Tudor wallhangings kits for doll’s houses, each stitched on 22 count canvas with Anchor stranded cotton. They are available from my website.

Issue 47 - Tudor nwk 5 Tudor nwk article p62

The AIM magazine is FREE, has 103 pages, and is packed with articles on all kinds of miniatures and related topics. This month’s issue has the theme of the Tudor era, so apart from the 5 page article by me, there is an interesting article on how to dress a twelfth scale Tudor woman doll, too, as well as other articles on village life, show reports, and what’s new in the world of miniatures, for instance.

Issue 47 - Tudor nwk 2 Dress a Tudor woman info only

The magazine also has the first in a series of three articles on miniature needlework – this article focusses on all kinds of needlework for babies and the nursery, so there are gorgeous photos of tiny crocheted baby dresses, knitted toys less than an inch high, and so on. It’s really worth a look!

Issue 47 - Tudor nwk 1 nwk for babies info only


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Want to know a secret?

I’ve got an article in the Artisans In Miniature magazine this month (the free ezine for doll’s house miniaturists), which spills the beans on how we recently took a whole new set of photos for my embroidery kit website. The article does a good expose (how do you get a keyboard to do accents?!) on the secrets involved in taking a good, close up picture of teeny tiny doll’s house items, and the economical (some would say ‘cheapskate’) methods we use to get good photos.

Issue 46 Website revamp May 2013 - First

We decided the website needed a good makeover a few months back, so we set out to re-take almost every image…and that’s quite a job, considering there are about 170 pages on the website! It took over four days, in the end.

Issue 46 Website revamp May 2013 - 4

The article is in Issue 46, and starts on page 58, if you’d like to have a look (the rest of the magazine is pretty good, too!).


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Would you like a free chart for a doll’s house sampler?

The Artisans in Miniature online ezine has an Advent Calendar each December, which features a free project each day, for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Behind the door marked ONE is the project I submitted, for a doll’s house scale sampler, with the words ‘Home Sweet Home’ on it. The sampler, once framed, measures about one and three quarters of an inch high, by about one and a half inches wide. When stitched on 28 count evenweave with one strand of Anchor cotton, it looks like this:


My website features many other designs for samplers (as well as all kinds of mini stitching for doll’s houses), available as full kits – have a look here to see them.


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