Happy Christmas to everyone!

Thank you to all of you who have been following my blog during the year – I do love writing it, and of course doing all the stitching  🙂

Have a great Christmas, and here’s to a stitchy New Year for you with lots of lovely projects to make, both ‘full size’ and ‘dollhouse size’, and all the time you need to do them!

Christmas dollhouse


I am going to be taking a break from regular posting on this blog, to allow some time for renovating the house that my husband and I have recently moved into – it’s a bungalow in Cornwall, and will be lovely when it’s finished, but we need to do a lot of work on it, so something’s got to give, to allow us the time! At the moment, there’s no time for stitching  😦  but I hope to get back into doing some soon.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to everyone!”

  1. I wish you good luck and lots of fun with your new cottage. It is a dream of many to have such a project.
    I am working on an Irish cottage dollhouse; a substitute for the real thing…more work than I expected and I imagine you will find that true also.
    Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania, USA.

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