All Our Yesterdays cross stitch collection project: 1

Have you ever come across these little cross stitch designs? They are from a series called ‘All Our Yesterdays’, and they are designed by Faye Whittaker. She starts by creating lovely little watercolours, and then translates them into cross stitch designs. Most of them are small, and quite simple, although she does have a few in her range that are bigger and more complex.

They’ve been available for quite a few years now, and I have always loved them – there’s something very sweet about all these little children (whose faces you never see, as Faye designs them to be seem from the back only!) in their old fashioned clothes. The colour palette is restricted to blues and reds, mainly, with some beiges and soft purples for details.

I recently came across this booklet of designs, and had to have it, as it seemed such good value for money  – £15 on Ebay for the booklet plus enough thread to stitch the designs, in a huge bundle already sorted onto card thread sorters.

All Our Yesterdays cross stitch

This is the back cover, showing the rest of the 18 designs – I could quite happily make almost all of these.

All Our Yesterdays cross stitch

Then I came across this one as well, which I was really pleased about, as it’s not often found any more. Faye sells a few signed copies on her website, but they are over £90 each!!! I got my copy on Ebay for under £20, so I felt really smug. It doesn’t have threads with it, but there are dozens of charted designs to choose from.

But I didn’t really have a need to stitch many of them. I wondered if maybe I’d make a kind of ‘fabric book’ of some of them (as many are around the same size, so they would work as ‘pages’ quite easily). Then fate kind of ‘stepped in’.

I’ve been feeling quite ill for months, and it had been diagnosed as a black mould allergy, but my husband and I couldn’t work out where any mould might be that could be triggering me, and I just didn’t seem to be able to get better. In the end, we had a specialist come to our house and test it for mould….and a large patch of it was found under the floor in the upstairs bathroom. Now, I really like my bathroom – it’s decorated in William Morris style wallpaper, and looks really cosy:

William Morris style bathroom

But the mould specialist nearly had a fit when he saw that the whole bathroom (except for the tiling round the bath) is WALLPAPERED!! ‘Get that off the walls,’ he said, ‘It’ll be causing mould to form behind the paper, and making your allergy worse!’

So, my lovely bathroom has to be re-decorated with painted walls only….

But I’ve decided that if it HAS to be redecorated, then it’s going to be done in a ‘coastal themed’ style….and that means that I have a reason to stitch a few of these lovely ‘All Our Yesterdays’ pictures to put on the walls. I suppose that every cloud has silver lining, then  🙂

I’ll keep you posted as I stitch some……


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12 thoughts on “All Our Yesterdays cross stitch collection project: 1”

  1. Sorry to hear about your health issues, and hope you have gotten it sorted.
    Many years ago I stitched a set of three similar to these, little boys and girls on the beach. I have them in my bathroom as well. I don’t know who the designer was. I did them from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine and purged all my old mags a few years ago.

  2. Must be such a relief to know what had you down and that there’s a solution!
    Great score; I also love those charts. Haven’t made any yet, but have been collecting them. I plan to rearrange a few some day to represent my kiddos (none of them seem to have the right gender mix in the right order!) Can’t wait to see yours! Pretty sure you’ll get yours done before me lol.
    You say “then I came across this one as well”. Which is that? I think I’m missing an image. Now I’m intrigued; which is it….?!

    1. Well spotted regarding the ‘missing picture’ – it wasn’t you, it was me – I’d missed one out! Corrected that now, so it’s got the right image in (third one down). 🙂

  3. Ah quel bonheur de voir ces broderies… Je les ai quasiment toutes brodées il y a très longtemps. Elles sont installées sur les murs d’une chambre. Il y avait même un très joli modèle de Carrousel. Je les adore.
    Meilleure santé à vous Janet.
    Catherine (France)

  4. The Faye Whittaker designs are delightful. I’ve worked a few small ones and I have an alphabet sampler pattern somewhere that I hope to work one day! I will enjoy watching you work yours in the meantime. 😀

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