Just Nan Gingerbread Mice – 1 – three cute cross stitch mice to make!

I came across the materials & chart packs for these cute little gingerbread mice figures from Just Nan recently – Santa mouse, Jingle mouse and Angel mouse. They are so sweet, and very unusual!

I thought they’d look good with the Victoria Sampler buildings that I have previously stitched, and which I display under my tree at Christmas.

I bought the charts from Create Nostalgia, an online shop in Flintshire, for £12.95 for each chart, which included the accessories needed, but no fabric or threads. I chose some fabric from Peakside Needleworks.co.uk of Glossop – a small piece of 32 count Weeks Dye Works “Straw” colour fabric 1/16 size of a metre,  9 inch x 13.5 inch, which cost £5, and was enough to make all three mice (they are very small!). The threads I picked from my stash – only small amounts were needed of each colour, so it was easy.

Just Nan Christmas Mice kits

Here’s the Jingle Mouse chart pack, and the little bag of accessories (the curly thing is to make the tail, and the button is to weight the base).

Just Nan Christmas Mice kits

The fabric is a lovely deep gingerbread colour – ever so slightly mottled.

Just Nan Christmas Mice kits

The actual shape of the mouse is weird – but it gets made up into a sort of cone shape, so the pattern will make sense later, hopefully!

Just Nan Christmas Mice kits

Here’s all three mice stitched and ready to assemble.

Just Nan Christmas Mice kits

Let’s hope they are easy to put together!


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9 thoughts on “Just Nan Gingerbread Mice – 1 – three cute cross stitch mice to make!”

  1. These are adorable! The instructions say to assemble inside out and then turn the right way round but honestly, it’s easier to assemble them the right way and just whip stitch the join. I found the nose keeps its shape much nicer this way.

  2. The mice are adorable. I am sure you won’t have problems putting them together- this from the person who makes teeny tiny Christmas stockings.

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