Brooke’s Books “Spirit of Christmas Stitching”: 1

A couple of years ago, I received a set of these wonderful chart packs designed by Brooke’s Books, to make as ‘angels’ on perforated paper. Brooke Nolan has a great Etsy shop here. Each angel stands about seven inches high when finished (with a card support at the back to make them free standing). I love all of them!

Brookes Books Spirit of Christmas Stitching cross stitch angel

They use this 14 count perforated paper, which is widely available from Mill Hill, but there are other brands available too. Most of the angels use brown, gold or silver paper, so I bought a selection to start me off!

perforated paper packs

Although it’s called ‘paper’, it’s actually quite sturdy – like thin card – and the holes are large. 14 count perforated paper is a lot easier to stitch on than 14 count Aida, for instance.

perforated paper cross stitch embroidery

Out of my collection, I’ve decided to stitch this one next – the ‘Spirit of Christmas Stitching” .

Brookes Books Spirit of Christmas Stitching cross stitch angel

The chart pack gives a key for DMC threads, but I prefer to use Anchor, so I used a conversion chart to look up the correct Anchor thread shades. The design also uses three shades of Kreinik fine braid, and some seed beads.

I taped round the edges of the perforated paper with masking tape, so that my threads wouldn’t catch on the edges. With perforated paper, you don’t use a hoop or frame, as it would damage it, so I just hold it to stitch on it.

Brookes Books Spirit of Christmas Stitching cross stitch angel

Half of the design is stitched on an A 5 half sheet of paper – one brown, and one gold. They are good projects for when I am not at home, as I don’t need a magnifier to stitch these, due to the large hole size of the paper, and they are easy to carry about. I did all this part during a week of camping!

As the pieces will later be cut out, the extra little shapes are stitched in the gaps around the main figure.

Brookes Books Spirit of Christmas Stitching cross stitch angel

So, that’s half the design done. Next is the other half, then the assembly of the pieces to make the 3D angel  🙂


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6 thoughts on “Brooke’s Books “Spirit of Christmas Stitching”: 1”

  1. I know someone who needs to use a frame of some kind, so she brought a cheap canvas frame, cut out the canvas (left enough to wrap around the wooden framework) and then uses flat push pins on her paper canvas or plastic canvas. Simple yet genius 🙂

  2. How cute! It reminded me of a little tradition I had with my late MIL, who showed me how to crosstitch (before that, I did needlepoint). Every year, the Prairie Schooler would issue a small pattern for a folk art Santa, and I would get it for her every year. Such a small gift, but it was our thing.

      1. She was a sweet lady. After she died, my family and I went to help my SIL clear out her room in assisted living, and there were several small pieces she had stitched with the Santas. I asked to have them and was given them, and I got them framed in two pieces, which I gave to my husband for Christmas. We love them and we display them throughout the holidays to remind us of his mother.

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