Where Stitchers Gather etui by Victoria Sampler: 2 – starting to stitch the design of the etui

This is my progress on the ‘Where Stitchers Gather‘ etui pocket and smalls, by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler in Canada.

Where stitchers gather etui by Victoria Sampler

Thea’s instructions in the chart booklet are really clear – the rows of the design are numbered, and there are lots of written instructions for each section, plus diagrams.

Where stitchers gather etui by Victoria Sampler

What I like about Thea’s designs is that they are not simply cross stitch – she is always challenging you with new stitches to learn! Look at this panel, for instance – the background is plain green crosses, but then the flowers in pink are each a different stitch!

Where stitchers gather etui by Victoria Sampler

And then, if you look closely in the bottom right hand corner, there’s the date I started this written in cross stitch in one strand over one thread, too (upside down, on purpose, but the reason for that will become clearer later).


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8 thoughts on “Where Stitchers Gather etui by Victoria Sampler: 2 – starting to stitch the design of the etui”

      1. How is the fabric attached to the frame? And have you stitched some extra fabric around? I love the colours and different stitches.

      2. The fabric is stitched to the webbing top and bottom, that is stapled on to the rollers of the frame. In theory, you can lace the fabric up the sides as well, but I don’t usually bother, as it’s a nuisance when you need to re-position the fabric by rolling it up into a different position – then you’d have to re-do the lacing. I just use a slightly longer piece of fabric than that suggested in the instructions, to give me a bit more space top and bottom.

  1. Hi Janet. So love all your stitching. I love to scroll on all your blog post to see your stitching, it inspires me. What is the name of your floor frame?

    1. It’s a Stitchmaster floor frame, with a rectangular rotating frame, 12 x 18 inches on it – both are from Siesta Frames in the UK. However, the floor frame is no longer made by them in a wooden format – it’s now a metal one, and more than twice the cost that I paid for my wooden one 😦

    1. I’m afraid I gave up the will to live after two and a half pages out of 84!!! I don’t usually give up on a project, but that one, despite being a beautiful design, just bored me to death 🙂

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