How to make a 1:12 scale display shelf from a bookcase for a dollhouse toy shop

I haven’t made any dollhouse scale furniture for years, but I recently saw this bookcase kit by Mini Mundus, and felt that it would be just right in my Edwardian toy shop, if I kitbashed it a bit, to put my tiny doll collection on!

Mini Mundus bookcase kit

Of course, once I opened the box, I kind of had second thoughts, as this was what was inside:

Mini Mundus bookcase kit

Hmm. Bit scary! So many little pieces! Still the instructions were good, so I checked that everything was included, and got assembling…

What I knew I needed to do was to leave out alternate shelves on this bookcase, as I wanted it to be used for displaying my ever-growing collection of tiny dolls for dollhouse dolls (most of these little tiny dolls are under two inches high). So, the shelves needed to be just over two inches apart – which would work OK if I left alternate shelves out.

This is what it looked like part-way through the assembly:

Mini Mundus bookcase kit

The part I had trouble with was putting the doors on the little cupboards in the base of the bookcase. They don’t have ‘real’ hinges – the doors are held in place with pins. Really small pins. The holes for the pins had been pre-drilled, but not quite deep enough, so I needed to use a small drill bit to drill them out a bit more. Not easy, as I has assembled the bookcase by then, so access to the top and bottom of the door frames wasn’t that good.

Dollhouse scale drill bits

So, what do you do in times like these? Get a man to do it! Fortunately, my husband likes a challenge, especially a woodworking one. He trimmed the frame so that the doors would fit properly (Mrs Slapdash hadn’t been all that careful about that bit), and drilled out the holes for the pins.

Mini Mundus bookcase kit

Then he put the pins in place and attached the doors. He’s got a lot more patience than me!

Mini Mundus bookcase kit

Doesn’t it look fantastic in my dollhouse toy shop though? This takes up most of the back wall, and really dominates the room, which is what I wanted it to do. The dolls on it fit perfectly, and I’m so pleased with it  🙂

Mini Mundus bookcase with 1:12 dollhouse dolls

This toy shop room isn’t finished yet…but I’m getting there! For one thing, it needs a shop assistant. And the small glass-fronted display cases need some contents. And I want some 144th scale dollhouses in there too…

Mini Mundus bookcase with 1:12 dollhouse dolls

Making and collecting for a dollhouse never ends!


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8 thoughts on “How to make a 1:12 scale display shelf from a bookcase for a dollhouse toy shop”

  1. I love the tiny dolls and they look perfect on the shelves! There are many 144th house kits available. Petite Properties have some, as well as Severn Models and Scale Buildings These kits really do need lots of patience!

  2. Looks lovely Janet. Having made a fair few Minimundus/House of Miniatures kits over the years, I empathise with your ‘hinged door’ travails! Chuffed to recognise two of my little dolls in the finished cabinet too 🙂

    1. The hinged door was just a DIY job too far, for me! I’ve got a third doll of yours as well – one that I made myself, from a kit, but that’s in my other doll’s house. All lovely!!

    1. Well, I’ve been searching for years, and I buy them whenever I can! Some are from Tower House Dolls in the UK, and most are from Diane Yunnie, in South Africa. One or two of the others are American, but I cant remember the doll artists. I tend to buy them on Etsy, usually.

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