My stash just got bigger….

At the beginning of this year, I decided that I’d have a New Year Resolution that I wouldn’t buy any more embroidery kits or supplies for one whole year (other than things for my dollhouse needlepoint kits business, obviously!). But I have found it impossible to stick to it already, and my stash just got bigger……

At first, I was tempted, via a Facebook group for people who do cross stitch, to start looking at charts by Little House Needleworks, an American company. They do dozens of really nice, smallish projects with buildings in, usually – and I just love embroidered buildings!

So, my first ‘failure’ of my New Year’s Resolution was this chart pack set to make these nine alphabet ‘smalls’ pincushions. Of course, I had to buy all the threads as well. And the fabric.

ABC samplers Little House needleworks 1

Then from the same designer, I saw this standalone chart pack, for a ‘Hands to work, hearts to God’ picture. I’ve been after a design with this phrase on for ages, and this one appealed to me. I want it stitch it as a ‘stand-up’.

Hands to work hearts to God 1

Then I gave in to my Resolution VERY SERIOUSLY!! I found out about the US website, which has an enormous range of everything you could possibly want if you do stitching. I was on the hunt for some 28 and 32 count evenweave fabric – the reason being that, in the UK, it is becoming very difficult to get interesting colours of fabric. There are only a few websites left in the UK that sell anything other than white, cream or natural colours, and I was starting to get twitchy. With Brexit looming (which will cause all kinds of problems for UK people wanting to buy things), and many US sellers also stopping selling overseas, due to EU distance selling rules being perverse about returned parcels, and shipping getting expensive, I felt it was justified (!) to put in a big order to last me….well…. probably several lifetimes actually! But my theory was ‘get it now, and be smug later when things go pear-shaped’.

Evenweave fabric from 123Stitch

So, I had a lovely afternoon ordering 31 fat quarters of all kinds of 28 and 32 count fabrics, in plains, overdyed and specialist glittery fabrics. The parcel arrived a few days ago, and it’s really inspiring! Also, every fabric has a label attached, noting the count of fabric and name/manufacturer. UK online shops please take note!! So many times in the past I’ve ordered several fabrics at once, and when they’ve arrived, I can’t tell them apart, so if I need to re-order something, I can’t quite tell what it is I need to order!

So, that’s my excuse for my ‘transgressions’ on my Resolution! I needed them!

Have any of you stuck to a New Year’s Resolution like this? I really thought it would be easier to do  🙂


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12 thoughts on “My stash just got bigger….”

    1. My son gave me a gift certificate to 123Stitch for Christmas. I was delighted with them, for labeling and finishing the edges of the fabrics I received. They even went out of their way to find a discontinued pattern that I wanted. They are wonderful. Prices are good, and they ship promptly. 5 star . Glad you found them too! I am not affiliated with them at all. Just a delighted customer.

      1. Yes, I was amazed that each of the fat quarters was serged neatly too! They were very helpful by email before I placed my order. I was really happy with their service, and will be recommending them on my blog again.

  1. I love 123 stitch too ! I’m in Australia so have similar problems too you , though there are a few indie dyers here . I have just been looking at all the new releases from the Nashville needlework show at Sassy Jacks in the USA , they are very good and have reasonable shipping. All your fabrics are gorgeous!

  2. Ditto re I’m not affiliated but I am addicted! And they are located just 20 min or so from my house, so they are just too too convenient! I keep the longest wish list on their site!

    1. Ooh, that would be far too dangerous for me to be within driving distance of their actual bricks and mortar shop!! Their website is quite dangerous enough for me, as far as spending goes!!

  3. pear shape has happened but that’s ok. healthy at 81 years “young” I am grateful I have a stash and still enjoy. It helps get through the winters!!

    1. My rationale for having a big stash is that when I’m in my 80’s I’ll have something to do, without spending any more money on my hobby. Yes. winters can be long!!

  4. I really spent too much money last year, so this year I decided to give myself of spending budget of $25 and have a no-new-start rule for Jan – June. The budget was very do-able for January and February. March it’s been blown by my buying a copy of ‘Jill Oxton Cross stitch and Beading’ magazine – the one with the voloptuous mermaid charts in it! I also started one new project because I needed a portable stitching project (which none of my WIPs are). I will, however, stick to my resolutions going forward because I once again realise I have a lot of stuff and want to enjoy everything I have and really that’s why I made the resolutions: to remember to be grateful for what I have and focus on being in the moment with each of the projects I’m doing. Also, 123stitch is amazing! I am a happy customer and owner of a long wishlist on their website, too!

    1. Partly, I started my new Year Resolution to make me appreciate what I had already, too. But the looming mess that is Brexit made me think that if I didn’t stockpile some fabric for cross stitching while I could, it may be that most imports would be unaffordable soon due to tariffs, so that was why I ‘broke my own rule’ so soon. It’s not a normal situation! And yes, 123stitch is an amazing shop!

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