Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui 17: your stitching!

I am currently stitching the Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui as a stitchalong project. See the end of this post for all the information you’ll need to join in!

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This week, as I’ve completed the embroidery on the front panel, I was going to feature images of your stitching, as several of you have been stitching it along with me….BUT, you seem to be a rather modest lot, as I’ve only had two people send in images of their heart etui panels to feature! But they’re really good ones, so read on…..

My Strawberry Fayre front panel embroidery looks like this:

Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui

The images I received were by Jeanette, from Australia, and she has done an amazing job on her heart etui (in fact, she’s almost finished hers, but I’m not going to let you see all of her pictures until I have reached the point that she’s got to!!).

This is the front panel of Jeanette’s etui:

Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui

Jeanette is stitching her etui using the materials pack that she bought direct from the Inspirations magazine, so her colours are quite a bit different from mine. I like both – they are just different!

This is Jeanette’s panel once she has mounted it onto the heart-shaped padded plastic shape, ready to make into the etui. It looks much more ‘real’ like this, doesn’t it?

Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui

Jeanette has actually almost finished hers, and sent me some very tempting images of the rest of the etui, but I’m not going to show you those just yet! You’ll have to wait!

Alexandra sent in this image of her panel, which is almost finished:

Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui

She says, “I really am enjoying this project and have learnt a great deal as I’ve gone along. I’ve still got the strawberries/raspberries to finish and have found them challenging, I really don’t see the point of the oyster stitch when it has a bead on top, but that’s just choice. I have mainly used the threads suggested but there are some substitutions. I also changed the primrose and calyx as I didn’t like the yellow.”

Isn’t it interesting how each stitcher’s personality comes out through their stitching?

The next bit I’m going to stitch from this project is the back panel, which should be a lot quicker to do than the front was, as there’s not so much embroidery on it, and most of the elements are very similar to the front panel.

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The Strawberry Fayre design, plus the complete list of materials, appears in Inspirations magazine number 95The publishers do sell a full materials pack  (not including the mother of pearl ruler though!), but it’s rather expensive, so if you can use your stash, and just fill in with bits and pieces, then so much the better! The magazine is published in Australia – if you live in the UK, as I do, it is cheaper to buy a back copy from Manor House Magazines, and save a lot on the shipping. 

EDIT: The materials pack from Inspirations, and the magazine from Manor House in the UK are not available any more as at March 2018 – I don’t know if any more stocks will be available now, unfortunately. The publishers may bring out a digital pattern pack later, which they sometimes do with popular projects from their magazines, but we’ll have to wait and see…..

To read about this project stitchalong from the beginning, start here. The post about which FABRIC to use is here. The post about the THREAD SUBSTITUTIONS that I made, plus WHERE TO BUY the threads and beads, etc., is here.

To look up all the posts in this series in the sidebar, see under the CATEGORIES list, under: Embroidery / Full size (others’ designs) / Strawberry Fayre heart etui, or use the SEARCH BOX at the top of the blog, and search for ‘Strawberry Fayre’ to get a list of all the posts (but it’s in reverse order, sorry!).

I’d be interested to see images of how your project is progressing – please email large, clear, well-focused images to  Please bear in mind that any images sent may be used in this blog and/or social media such as Facebook or Pinterest.


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13 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui 17: your stitching!”

  1. Hi Janet,
    I have not had a chance to begin the Strawberry Fayre project. But am keeping a close watch on what you and others are doing on it. Keep wanting to get started, but have other projects to finish first. That’s my excuse for not sharing anything😀.

  2. Very interesting to see the mounted heart. Quite difficult to do, I anticipate.
    I look forward to seeing all the steps you do, Janet, when you mount your hearts.

      1. I think pulling the fabric on the vertical down to the heart point, and achieving a completely smooth finish on the embroidered fabric will be a challenge. I can’t wait to see yours and your steps. You know I am a great admirer of your assembling skills. I love the explanations you give of every step. I will struggle with not having enough strength to pull.

  3. Hi Janet, your heart is looking lovely! It will go much quicker from now on, though stitching four of the inside hearts gets a little repetitive, it looks really nice when finished.
    I didn’t buy the Inspirations kit, but made up my own with most of the specified special threads, but not all.

  4. Oh how interesting see the three different embroideries together! The similarities and the individual differences are fascinating. Well done to you, Jeanette and Alexandra for each creating something so beautiful and unique despite the challenges this particular etui has presented! 🙂

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