Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui 6: alternative thread lists and substitutions

If you are planning to join in with the stitchalong for the Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui (which I will start in January 2018), then you might like to have a look through these alternative thread lists and substitutions. The design, plus the list of materials, appears in Inspirations magazine number 95. The publishers do sell a full materials pack, but it’s rather expensive, so if you can use your stash, and just fill in with bits and pieces, then so much the better! Some people have been having trouble locating everything that is listed, so hopefully this might give you some ideas for some ‘easier to obtain’ alternatives!

First up is my list of threads and beads that I talked about a while ago – I have decided to use my stash as much as possible, while keeping to the same ‘look’, colourwise, as Carolyn’s. All threads listed as ‘Anchor’ means Anchor stranded cotton (I’ll probably stitch with two strands each time, of the six that the thread comes in). If I plan to use exactly the same thread or bead as in Carolyn’s version, I haven’t listed it here.

My selection of threads, beads and ribbon


(A) Madeira Metallic 20 weight, shade copper 428

(B) Anchor 1028  and Anchor 50 (for darker/lighter highlights, instead of a variegated thread)

(C) Anchor 52

(E) Anchor 267

(F) Anchor 265

(G) Anchor 264

(H) Anchor 269

(I) Silk ‘N’ Colors 1055 Cherry Field

(J) Anchor 266

(K) Anchor 268

(L) House of Embroidery silk on a card Lemon/orange variegated (not numbered though)

(M) Anchor 62

(N) Anchor 55

(O) Anchor 73

(P) Oliver Twists Fine cotton, shade 004

(Q) Silk ‘N’ Colors 110 Pond Scum

(R) Gentle Art 0460 Grecian Gold

(S) House of Embroidery Pale lemon (not numbered though)

(T) Anchor 77

(U) HEX 589 Silver lined teal size 11 hex  beads.

(V) Gold size 11 seed beads from The Bead Merchant (this shop is now closed though)

W   SB0063 Lined blue violet AB delica, size 11.

(X) DB 0243 Miyuki Delica Lined crystal/medium blue lustre, size 11.

(Y) 1606 Dyed semi-frost transparent rose, size 15.

(Z) 0353 Cobalt lined Sapphire AB size 15 (this was a substitute by the Spellbound Beads shop, as what I’d ordered wasn’t available, but it’s really similar to the colour of the beads in one of the other packets, so I’m not sure if the colour difference is too close to work).

(AA) Mill Hill 275

The green grosgrain 6mm ribbon for some of the ‘smalls’ I bought from Beautiful Ribbon

The mother of pearl heart shaped thread rings I bought from Fobbles.

The elusive mother of pearl ruler I eventually got from My Special Stitches in the USA, but they are now sold out (October 2017).

You can buy the Anchor threads and some beads from Sewandso, and the rest of the beads from Spellbound Beads of Lichfield, Staffordshire.

I will be using the Robert Kaufman Essex cotton/linen blend fabric in Natural (the same as Cynthia, below!) – I got mine from Cloud Craft.



Cynthia’s selection of threads and beads


One of my blog readers called Cynthia, from the USA, very helpfully sent in this list of substitutions, along with details of the websites (marked with an asterisk) where people could buy them from (particularly useful if you’re in the USA):

Kaufman Essex Linen blend in Natural (the threads and beads above have been photographed on top of this fabric)
Velveteen twill back in Scarlet (an 8×8 sample is
available for $3.00 plus postage.)
Ivory wool flannel
*ebay (overtheriverfelt)
Red wool felt
Cream synthetic suede (aka Ultrasuede)
(U) 11DH0024 size 11 delica hex
(V) SB5934 Toho size 11 gal. Gold seed
W    11DB0063. Size 11 rainbow delica

(X) 11DB0243 size 11 opaque blue delica
(Y) SB6043 Toho size 15 cobalt seed
(Z) SB3313 size 15 purple lined sapphire seed

(AA) SB6128 Toho size 15 gal. Gold seed
(AB) SB6056 size 15 pink seed
All of the DMC products
*ebay (jewel_junebug)
(AC) 42012 Mill Hill glass beads

(AD) SB3266 size 15 silver lined transparent amber seed
(C) Dinky Dyes 114
(I) Gloriana 139
(S) Madeira silk 228
(T) YLI 11
(M) Gutermann silk 0247
(N) Gutermann silk 0321
(Q) Gutermann Sulky 40 wt 1177
(O) Gutermann Sulky 30 wt 1109
(P) Gutermann Sulky 30 wt 1176
(J) Gumnut Stars 606
(K) Gumnut Stars 607
(L) Gumnut Stars 744

Cynthia also made the following substitutions:
(A) Bijoux Metallic G427 or Kreinik Metallic 215C
(B) Threadworx 01006.

(R) Cynthia was not able to find Madeira Decora 1571, but will use a dark gold silk floss.
Notes on terminology:
Wadding is what, in the USA, is called quilt batting.
Template plastic, also called Mylar, can be found in stores that sell quilting tools and materials.


If anyone would like to send me their list of substitutions, plus an image of everything that they’ve chosen (particularly if you choose to use a different colourway than Carolyn’s pink and green one), I’d love to add it to this post! Just email me at Images need to be in .jpg format, and at least 500mb please, to show the detail.


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19 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui 6: alternative thread lists and substitutions”

  1. Have chosen a pale pink silk dupioni for my fabric. So will need to change up some of the colors Carolyn used. Think I’ll stick with the red for the strawberries, though.

    1. I’m not sure how long the stitchalong will last – it partly depends on how busy I get with other things. But the Home Sweet Home etui project ended up being 47 blog posts, and took 16 months to stitch!

  2. I have some really nice pale pink that I was thinking of using for the inside. I have several choices for the outside natural color. Just haven’t decided yet. I am still collecting beads and thread.

      1. I agree! I’m thinking of lilac or purple for my inside ‘backgrounds’. In fact, I’m considering substantial adaptations as the original colours and even the purpose of the project don’t speak to me. I’m thinking of making it into a travel cosmetic tool holder with heartsease etc on instead. :). More on my blog as the challenge nears…. 😉

  3. Hi Janet!
    I’m looking forward to the stitch a long, and your anticipated schedule sounds perfectly realistic to me!
    I look forward to the sharing and comparing with stitchers from all over the world. After all, it’s about the journey as much as the destination!

    1. The linen blend fabric is gorgeous to stitch on, isn’t it? I used a cotton-linen blend that I got as a remnant for the Home Sweet Home project, but it was a lot thicker than this current project’s fabric, and not so pleasant to stitch on.

  4. I can no longer resist this stitch along. I am in though lord knows when I will find the time. Great news, I found a stitching buddy in my guild today and have connected her to this blog. Collecting materials as we speak.

  5. An alternative to the not to had mother of pearl ruler could also be a “mother of pearl knife blank”(google) that could be turned into ruler. I’m in US & found them readily available online. DH has skills & tools so will drill hole & score for me. YouTube has videos how to.

    1. Hi Susie, that’s an interesting alternative. I’ve found a few places online now I’ve done a Google search, but they’re all in the US, and shipping to the UK would be huge for such a tiny thing, but it depends how desperate people are! I’ll be doing a blog post soon about alternatives for things in this project, so I’ll mention it then 🙂

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