Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui 5: which fabric should I use?

Which fabric should I use for the Strawberry Fayre heart etui by Carolyn Pearce? My stash is huge, but for this project, as so much time will be spent on making it, I really want to have something that is perfect! The instructions say to use a cotton/linen blend, but as I’m not buying the materials pack that the publishers of Inspirations produce (and they are based in Australia), I need to find a substitute in the UK.

One of my blog readers, called Jo, sent me an image of what you get supplied in the official materials pack, so here’s a detailed image of what the fabric looks like:

Helpful to see, isn’t it?!

So, I started hunting around for a similar fabric. But buying fabric online can be tricky when you can’t see it or feel it. Really, I needed a recommendation. Fortunately, though, a comment on a previous blog post gave me a clue – it was a recommendation to get some Robert Kaufman Essex linen, in the shade ‘Natural’.

I managed to get mine from Cloud Craft, £3.25 per fat quarter measuring 50 x 54 cms – I needed three fat quarters to get the area needed for the whole project, so the fabric cost me £9.75 total. Here’s what it looks like – it’s very similar, I think, to what I’d have got in the ‘official’ materials pack.

The rose gold stork scissors were an impulse buy when I bought the fabric. Aren’t they gorgeous?! They are a bit large to fit in the pocket of the Strawberry Fayre etui, at around 4 inches, but I didn’t buy them for that, specifically – I’m just obsessed with anything that is rose gold at the moment (phone, laptop…..and now scissors!). They are quite a ‘strong’ rose gold – almost coppery.

The ‘hand’ of the Essex linen is quite soft and drapey, but it’s quite closely woven, so I think it will be perfect for the Strawberry Fayre etui.

Can’t wait to get going on this now! Haven’t got much left to collect together!


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11 thoughts on “Carolyn Pearce Strawberry Fayre heart etui 5: which fabric should I use?”

  1. You have done really well gathering the materials together. They look beautiful.
    I ordered the Inspirations kit.
    Does Carolyn Pearce have a website one can get her kits from?

    1. I don’t think Carolyn does much online, to be honest. I’ve never found a website, or blog, or Facebook page, or anything. Pity 😦 Apparently, people can buy kit packs from her if they take one of her workshops – but she’s in Australia, and we’re not!!!

  2. I’ve started my journey also. Bought the book from your first blog. Reverse Garbage had beautiful Linen for $4. I ordered the Mother of Pearl heart rings and MOP Ruler this morning and some beads, Your blog is dangerous to my bank balance LOL. Going to transfer the design this morning and grab my threads from my stash. Exciting ! Thank you for sharing

      1. In the end, I found the last one that My Special Stitches, in the USA, had in stock – and that was only because a reader of this blog alerted me to it! They are so hard to track down! The shipping to the UK cost more than the ruler itself!

  3. Can anyone let me know where to get the mother of pearl heart rings, please? I have found that The London Bead company, Delicate Stitches, have been really helpful regarding threads and beads.

  4. I am waiting for this kit which I recently ordered as a treat for myself! Thank you for your notes, which I’m sure will be very helpful. I buy the magazine as a digital copy which makes it easy to see the detail as one can zoom into the page – it’s cheaper, lasts forever and back copies are easily available. I wish I could find a MOP ruler/oblong threadwinder…..

    1. Hi Caroline! If you’ve read any of the earlier blog posts in this series, you’ll be aware how difficult it is to get hold of the mother of pearl rulers! It took me ages, and a tip-off from one of my friends, to get one 🙂

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