It’s National Needlepoint Day!

Today, 7th September, it’s National Needlepoint Day!

So, make the most of your stitching today, wherever you are doing it – try stitching in public, to let people know that needlepoint is a legitimate hobby, and how much fun it is!

I’ve tried most embroidery techniques over the years. In the eighties, I went through a phase of stitching only needlepoint – that lasted for several years, and I don’t have any of those pieces left now, as I tended to make things as gifts. Big scatter cushions, wallhangings, bellpulls – mostly from kits, but some were  my own designs.

I used to travel from my home in Essex by train into London, and visit The Needlewoman Shop on Regent Street to get my needlepoint supplies then, and struggle home again with huge bags of goodies! Such a pity that that shop has long since closed. I used to love it! They had an amazing range.

Obviously, I’m biased, as I sell *miniature* needlepoint kits, so everything I do for my business is small, but I have grown to love the mini versions of needlepoint more than the full-sized ones now.

Here’s a few examples of my dollhouse scale needlepoint, which can be bought as kits from my website:


Are you stitching any needlepoint at the moment? Do you only do cross stitch? Or surface embroidery? Or blackwork? Or does it depend on your mood as to what kind of project you want to stitch?

Let me know in the comments!


Are you interested in doll’s houses and stitching? Then why not visit my website, where you can buy doll’s house needlepoint kits to make all kinds of soft furnishings for one-twelfth scale dollhouses. There are over 280 kits to choose from, plus chart packs, fabric project packs, tutorials, and lots of eye candy to inspire you! Kits are available on 18 and 22 count canvas, 28 and 32 count evenweave, and 32 and 40 count silk gauze, so there’s something for everyone – from beginners to experts.


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8 thoughts on “It’s National Needlepoint Day!”

  1. I do a little of everything. I have many ufos, kits not even started, plus I’m a quilter, knitter, crocheter….you name it. I’m far too scattered in my interests. I need to organize my time better- like quilting Tuesday, embroidery Wednesday, or something!

  2. Different nationality here, but I’ll celebrate the day by working on my counted cross-stitch project while watching American football tonight with my husband. I’ve done some of your needlework kits with needlepoint as well as regular embroidery and crochet (tried knitting but never stuck with it long enough to be any good) but over the years I’ve grown very fond of counted cross-stitch in both mini and real-life projects. I call it “painting with thread.”

  3. I’m a keen Stumpwork and surface work embroiderer.

    it was fun as a child to accompany my mum to the Needlewoman, it was the most amazing shop, and pretty much Mum’s spiritual home. When the big Thutankamun exhibition was on at the British Museum, the Needlewoman sold pattern and transfer kits of a few of the Tutankhamum designs from the precious artefacts, using surface embroidery on linen with some sequins and beads, with threads in a limited palette of ecru, yellows, taupe and some soft orange. We both stitched the same design, but it took me years to finish mine, as embroidery hadn’t really lit its fire under me yet. It won a first prize, and still hangs in my bedroom.

    It took till 2003 and finding Jane Nicholas’ Stumpwork to really fall into instantly and passionately into embroidery, having seen Mum stitch cross-stitch, Bargello, Blackwork, beading and all sorts through my childhood, and knitting of course, which I took to keenly much earlier.

  4. I just looked up the name of the panel…, its …”Tutankhamen holds lotuses and mandrakes (symbols of love. Aw…) in one hand, and pours some liquid (perfume?) into Ankhesenamen’s waiting hand. ” from the gilt panel on the golden shrine.

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