There’s going to be a new Carolyn Pearce etui to stitch!

This is a quick ‘heads-up’ post to make sure you’re aware that there’s going to be a new Carolyn Pearce project to stitch soon! The latest issue of the wonderful Inspirations magazine (number 95) features a heart-shaped stumpwork etui set by the very talented Carolyn Pearce. She is the designer of the Home Sweet Home etui box that I spent 16 months and 47 blog posts on!

The heart etui is called ‘Strawberry Fayre’. Some of you, if you’re really lucky, may have been able to stitch this in the past if you attended one of Carolyn’s stitching retreats. I think it was also featured as a class project at Beating Around the Bush in Australia a couple of years back.

But for those of us who will never have the chance to attend one of Carolyn’s classes in person, this is the next best thing! Inspirations magazine will be covering this project in their usual detailed way – it takes up 18 pages in the magazine this month!

So, make sure you get a copy while it’s available, as popular issues of this magazine have a nasty habit of selling out rather quickly, and after the magazine has sold out, the publishers produce ‘design packs’ (which means the instruction pages from the magazine – no materials included) instead, which cost more for one design than one whole issue of the magazine  🙂

There is also a materials pack from Stitchology available, which is AUS$ 241 (Carolyn is well-known for using a huge range of different threads and beads, etc., in her work – hence the high cost. But I bet it’s lovely….).

However, if, like me, you have a huge stash and some time to work through the materials list and find substitutes, this project should be possible to complete at a much reduced cost.

Get the magazine direct from Stitchology  or, in the UK, order it from Manor House Publications as a single issue for £7.95 inc shipping (they also do a four issue subscription for £30 to UK addresses – far cheaper than getting each issue posted to you from Australia!!).

I am planning to start this etui during the coming winter. I’ve seen it on Pinterest several times, and drooled over it, but could never find anywhere that sold it, as a kit or design pack. I’m going to be using my own choice of threads and fabric.

So, if you fancy another ‘in depth’ kind of stitchalong, similar to the Home Sweet Home workbox, then get your copy of the magazine now, and start planning…..


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24 thoughts on “There’s going to be a new Carolyn Pearce etui to stitch!

      1. Dima

        I think it’s a beautiful piece but I’d rather do the beaded stitching etui by Margaret Lee 🙂 Still trying to figure out how to get all the materials. If I manage to get everything kitted, I might try to start at the same time as you. So it will be sort of a stitchalong 😉

      2. Janet Granger Post author

        I think I’m going to have to hope that there’s such a thing as reincarnation…at least then there’s a slim chance that I’d use up my stash!

      3. Dima

        I’d only started accumulating stash for a few years and I’ve already reached a point where I have to start deciding on priorities.

  1. Kathryn J

    Oh thank you for the heads up, Janet! I’ve been keeping an eye out for this issue arriving in the UK so hopped over to Manor House and bought mine straightaway. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this project. I have finally gathered all the materials for the HSH project so it will be a while before I start the etui, but I will definitely be following your progress with eager interest! 🙂

  2. Isabel Taylorson

    I ordered my Inspirations kit last night so I was happy to get this post today, and I look forward to following your work. I believe it is on back order. I would not be able to put everything together.

    1. Janet Granger Post author

      On the Stitchology website they have a note now saying that the kits are on back order until the end of August, I think, because they didn’t have all the components in stock to make more kits up – maybe interest has exceeded expectations, already!

  3. Jessica Grimm

    I fell in love with it straight away, Janet. I’ve ordered the kit as it is really hard to find substitutes for most speciality threads here in Germany. And I really did not want to stitch it in regular DMC :). Will likely start when the kit arrives and cover my adventures on my blog. And I’ll love to follow you along too!

  4. Jeanette, Ramblybear

    Our shop had the issue in about a month ago, and it went straight onto my must stitch list. If I can find enough projects between now and when you start, I’ll be stitching along with you!

  5. Margaret Redler

    Oh Janet, you have so inspired me I have ordered and now received the Home Sweet Home book and subscribed to Inspirations. I have read some of your blog posts re your progress on the H.S.H. project and they look so helpful. Looking at it in detail, I think I would have found the thread substitutions too difficult to decide but will follow your lead. I wouldn’t have known what the original choice looks like. I’m very much looking forward to getting started, thankyou so much for your detailed information and inspiration.

    1. Janet Granger Post author

      I’m glad you found the blog helpful! The Inspirations magazines are wonderful – I’ve got about three quarters of the back issues, and there’s loads of projects that I’d like to do from them one day! With the new Carolyn Pearce project, the thread choices wouldn’t be half as complicated to substitute as with the HSH, as, for her, there are only a limited range of threads! She’s well known for using lots of gorgeous threads in her projects, but this one is quite ‘restrained’! I think my Home Sweet Home looks quite similar to the original, but some of my greens for the edgings are lighter in tone than Carolyn’s. I’ll be blogging about how I collect all the ‘bits’ together for the new project soon, so hopefully that will help you 🙂

  6. Mary Ann Bettner

    I have the magazine, I’ve ordered the kit, I am ready for a stitch-a-long. I am really looking forward to this project. Thank you


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