…and the results are in…..

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my previous post, where I talked about the possibility of either expanding this blog from being only about embroidery to including posts about my three doll’s houses as well, or whether to start a second blog to write about them. That post became my ‘personal best so far’ as to comments – over four dozen of you commented, and it was really interesting to read all of your opinions.

It became quite clear, from reading them all, that the vast majority of those who commented would like me to combine the two themes – embroidery and the miniatures hobby – into this blog, rather than start a new blog for the minis. To be honest, I had set up a second blog, and written a couple of posts already (just not publicised it), but it wasn’t working for me, somehow.

This blog has been going since 2009, and I have a very large, regular readership now. I was a bit torn as to what to do, as I know that some of you are purely ‘stitchers’, and many of you do both hobbies. But as several of you said, to have two blogs would not only be more fiddly for you all to keep up with, but it would also be more work for me to maintain.

A couple of people also said that they like the idea that whatever I write about would be showing what I *as a person* am interested in at any one time, and I think that is what has been the most persuasive factor in my deciding to stick with the one blog.

This is the first mini-quilt that I made - it measures about 20 inches by 16
This is the first mini-quilt that I made – it measures about 20 inches by 16

For instance, in the past I have written a few times about patchwork and quilting, as I ‘dabbled’ a couple of years ago with that hobby (I still have three mini quilts kitted up, ready to make). And a couple of times I’ve talked about things that are completely ‘non-craftlike’, depending what occurs to me. So, to blend the blog’s usual topic of embroidery with other topics isn’t completely new, but I am definitely planning to do some different things in the coming months.

My Georgian style doll's house
My Georgian style doll’s house

I own three doll’s houses now – one was bought fully built and painted on the outside – I’ve had that one for 34 years, now! The other two have been bought in the past couple of years as flat-pack kits, so I intend to share my decorating and collecting stories with you. I have many doll’s house scale kits of various types (miniature flowers, furniture kits, dolls, etc.), which I will be doing kit reviews of, too.

But the blog posts to do with embroidery will still continue – my stash isn’t getting any smaller, despite me always making stuff – while I make one thing, I seem to buy two more projects, so there’s always lots of gorgeous things to create and then write about!

I’m aware that a few of you said that if the focus of the blog changed from being almost exclusively embroidery-based to being less focussed on stitching, then you might not follow it any more, but although that is your choice, I think that would be a shame, although I know I can’t please everyone all the time. But I’ve always found that the hobby of miniatures can appeal to lots of people, even if they don’t make things themselves – the attraction of the tiny just draws people in! So hopefully most of you will stay, and see what I write about….

A tiny doll's doll that I made from a kit from Tower House Dolls, which is only an inch and three-quarters tall
A tiny doll’s doll that I made from a kit from Tower House Dolls, which is only an inch and three-quarters tall

Thanks again for all the feedback, it really did help to clarify things for me.



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10 thoughts on “…and the results are in…..”

  1. I love both hobbies (embroidery and miniatures) and would look forward to seeing all your projects in future blog posts!

  2. So pleased you decided to combine ALL your interests and crafts in one blog! Although I signed on for the needlework — I have always been excited by doll houses!! I love to see all the tiny things that you work on so magnificently; you do some wonderful and precise needlework! I will be interested in whatever you chose to write about! And the pix are so well done! Janet

  3. Great! I’ll be sticking around. I think the only change I would like is to have the settings adjusted so that the blog sends a full post feed through to the reader services. I understand that more direct blog hits are desirable, but it’s nice not to have click over each time. That’s the only thing I’d suggest, but it’s entirely up to you as, at the end of the day, whatever happens – it’s *your* blog! ☺♥

  4. Although I didn’t reply to your request, I knew I would watch whatever you decided to do – so happy that there will be more to enjoy. Thank you Janet.

  5. I’m sure the extra topics will in the main broaden your readership. Although miniatures are not my first love, my Nana was a miniatures enthusiast and I grew up admiring her work. I think your miniatures post will be a fun addition even if embroidery was my main reason for reading in the first place. 🙂

  6. Janet, I so enjoy reading your blog and although I didn’t take the opportunity to reply when you first inquired, I’m glad you’ve chosen to combine your interests in the one blog. It makes much more sense for you to work in a single place. For those of us who read your posts I believe its our interest in what YOU do that has us following along! All of your interests are what makes your work fascinating for us. I’m grateful you take so much time to write and to share your work, inspirations, creativity, and knowledge (all done in such a clean well written and presented style too!). I certainly find much in your embroidery work that stimulates and encourages me to expand my own efforts. Thank you!

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