Gingerbread Church by Victoria Sampler 6: assembling the steeple

I’ve been assembling the steeple for the Gingerbread Church this week. It’s quite fiddly, but worth it. These are the steeple roof pieces, having each been laced onto the relevant wall pieces with Perle 8 thread.

Church 30

Then these joined sections are laced together, from bottom to top. It’s important to make sure that the bases are exactly level. Here’s the first two pieces joined.

Church 31

I attached the small square base, then finished the last vertical seam.

Church 32

Here’s the completed steeple. Isn’t it lovely?!

Church 33

Now I’ve just got to assemble the main body of the church in the same way, join the two sections together, and it will be finished in time for Christmas!



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4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Church by Victoria Sampler 6: assembling the steeple”

    1. It was a fairly solid ‘tube’, so it didn’t ‘squish’ out of shape much, and it has a small square base to the steeple as well, which keeps it all the right shape once assembled. The lacing is quite tight through the backstitches, which helps.

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