Gingerbread Church by Victoria Sampler 4: the steeple

I’m back on to working on the steeple of the Gingerbread Church now. I’ve been looking forward to this bit, as it’s so pretty!

This is the door side, showing the door worked in bars of satin stitch over four threads. Around the doorway are large crosses, worked in Kreinik fine gold braid over four threads. Above the door is a cross shaped charm.

Church 18

The doorway is finished off with the tiny pearl beads, as the sides of the main part of the church were.

Church 19

When I made the Gingerbread Stitching House (the first building in this series), I made the mistake of using Anchor shade number 1 for the main white cross stitching, as I didn’t buy the thread pack for that one. When I’d finished all the stitching, I realised that the colour of that thread was slightly different from the DMC Perle 8 and 12 used for the rest of the white stitching. It’s always annoyed me whenever I look at it! With this church, I checked first, and bought some Anchor stranded cotton shade number 2, which is a kind of soft white, and a much better match for the DMC Perle threads, so I’m much happier with this building than the Stitching House!

This is one of the steeple sides, showing the counted thread stitches on the top half – these were great fun to do, and made a change from all the cross stitching.

Church 20

Here’s a close-up of the window, with the beads and snowflake button added.

Church 21

When I’d stitched all four sides, I trimmed the fabric ready for when I mount them on the card. The third piece shown below will fit up against the main body of the building, so that’s why it has the blank part in the centre.

Church 24

If you’d like to get this design to stitch for yourself, it’s available as a chart booklet from Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler in Canada. I’m really enjoying making this  🙂



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