Shoe etui set 2: bobbin pincushion

I am just completing the bobbin pincushion from the shoe etui set, designed by Chantal of Mamilou Creations in France. I bought the pattern pack as a pdf download a couple of years ago.

I am up to the part where I need to make the padded top, now that I have finished and attached the cross stitch embroidery itself to the spindle of the wooden bobbin.

I cut a base piece for the padded top first from very stiff cardboard, just a little bit smaller than the circumference of the bobbin.

Pincushion 8

I decided to use a piece of cotton quilting fabric for the top.

Pincushion 4

I used a saucer to roughly cut out the circle of fabric – it’s about five inches diameter.

Pincushion 9

Then I stitched round the edge of the circle with large running stitches using strong quilting cotton, and pulled the thread up tightly, pushing wadding into the centre first, and laying the cardboard circle in place just before I ended the thread off with a good knot.

Pincushion 10

Then I used Araldite glue to stick the padded piece to the top of the wooden bobbin. I held it tightly in place for a few hours with elastic bands, until the glue had dried.

Pincushion 11

And here’s the finished pincushion:

Pincushion 12

This only took just over a week of so-called ‘free time’ to make, which, for me, is a very small project. But I’m very pleased with it.



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