Autumn Quakers 2: a slight problem….

I’ve been working away on this lovely sampler lately, which I started in April 2015. It’s called ‘Autumn Quakers’, and is a cross stitch sampler chart pack, by Rosewood Manor:

Autumn Quakers 4

It uses 12 shades of Valdani variegated thread in gorgeous Autumn shades. I bought this accessory pack direct from Rosewood Manor, which contains all the shades needed just for this project. The box measures about four inches square. Isn’t it cute?! I use one needle per colour, which is why each ball has a tapestry needle sticking out of it!

Autumn 8

I have just got to the point where I needed to add the date to the sampler. I had to amend the date from what was charted (2014) to 2015 (as I date my stitching from the year I start it, not the date I finish things – just to be awkward!). The chart shows the numbers like this:

Autumn 5

There is a set of numbers listed in the chart booklet at the side of the chart, to allow for alterations. However, I realised that the additional numbers are two squares taller than the ones on the chart!

Autumn 6

So, I have had to create my own ‘number five’ in the smaller font, and re-position some of the surrounding cross stitch motifs to make adequate space for the date.

Autumn 7

Other than that little glitch, I’m really pleased with how this is turning out  🙂


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6 thoughts on “Autumn Quakers 2: a slight problem….”

  1. Beautiful work Janet! I have a sampler over our bed that I started the year my husband and I married —1970— and finally finished in 1972! I don’t do much stitching in the summer because I love to garden so it took two years to complete but it makes me happy to look at it. Maybe you’ll finish yours by the fall!

  2. Hmmm, what gorgeous colours to stitch with … and the bit of jiggery pokery with the numbers worked out fine! 🙂

    1. I think it was just an oversight – the set of numbers was probably designed well after the actual sampler itself. On their own, they work fine. Inserting one digit from the separate set with the rest of them doesn’t work so well!

  3. OOPS!! glad you figured this out. Sorry for those issues. Will note in my website. Thanks for selecting my design to stitch. Karen. Rosewood Manor

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